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I’m Amy: avid food truck enthusiast, neurotic planner, travel fanatic and author of this blog.

Just 10 days after tying the knot with my high school sweetheart, I followed him across the globe to Finland, where we started our lives together.
I launched this blog, initially, to journal our days in an exciting (and sometimes strange) new country and keep in touch with relatives and friends back home. It has since grown into a full-fledged travel blog, where I chronical our adventures, experiences as “ex-pats” and provide resources for you to plan your own.

Traveling regularly has become a part of our lifestyle and I believe that traveling should be an essential experience in ever person’s life. So, I have developed this website to share the countless hours of research and travel to make the whole process more enjoyable for you! With a background in art and architectural studies, a flaming hot passion for good eats and the occasional flare for the dramatic, I think you will find something you love here!

I am so happy to have you joining us!

Please engage with me on the site-I would love to get to know you!

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Bon Voyage!