Well that’s us. Newly wed, freshly fled.
We were married on a Saturday, honeymooned until the following Sunday, and fled the country on Thursday. Destination: Finland. As in………..Finland. Helsinki to be exact.
New lives, new country. The only consistent thing we have is each other.
The start to the most amazing adventure. Only a week and a half ago, we were married (details to follow), left for our dream honeymoon and, after returning, jumped into our new lives with all 4 feet.
In case you don’t know us, here we are.
I am Amy, newly married bride, food enthusiast, travel fiend, all around designer. And I suppose I am also the author of this blog, unless the hubby chimes in. Hubs is Jimmy. He is the reason we are out here. His work as a software developer brought us a hop skip and a few jumps across the pond to Helsinki; for now.
On this blog you will find tales of life in our newly adopted city, plenty of mouth-watering food, some fashion, plenty of travel, and lots of love. Here is how it will break down:

Daily posts about our lives here. I have yet to find a comprehensive guide to the city of Helsinki, so maybe this blog will become the first.
So there it is. We are so excited to have you join us on this adventure! We hope you laugh with us –or at us, if its better! But moreover, we hope you find something satisfying in the pages that follow.
Please hit follow, check in, share us around and enjoy yourselves!



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    September 8, 2014 at 8:24 pm (5 years ago)

    Now I am even more excited to visit


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