This week, Jimmy and I move out of our first apartment building to make our second home in an apartment just around the corner. This apartment, with its horrible two toned brown stairway, 4th floor walk up, tall ceilings and beautiful large bay windows has been the perfect spot for us to make our first home and we will cherish it as such forever.

As such, I figured now is the ideal time to share our photos from our cozy at-home shoot with our good friend and talented photographer, Brittany. I wanted a way to remember this darling apartment and our comfortable life in it as newlyweds, so I asked Brittany to join us for a slow Saturday brunch of pancake flipping! (I love the excuse of needing a Christmas card photo to have a fun annual photoshoot!)

newlyfleds_0584 newlyfleds_0585

We rented this apartment fully furnished and the best part was the gorgeous wood sidebar in the dining room that doubled as a coffee and booze bar. I love this apartment so much- I even grew to love our stumpy little fridge. It forced me to take a trip to the corner grocery store nearly every single day. However, I will not miss my tiny bar-sized sink, which guaranteed water all over the counter and floor at every washing session.

newlyfleds_0587 newlyfleds_0586 newlyfleds_0588

*You can see Jimmy’s surprise at my successful pancake flip*

newlyfleds_0589 newlyfleds_0591

I have loved our bedroom- and I better because I spend most of my days here. Taking up half of the apartment, it functions not only as our bedroom, but also as my office and at-home gym. The tall bay window gives us tons of morning light (when there is light to be had, May-September). The best part is that all of the windows open up, so on fine days, I can have the outdoors inside with me. We rarely closed the windows from spring to fall and almost learned to love waking to the sounds of screaming seagulls. During the best sunsets and first snows, we could stand in the bay and lean out of the top windows and take in the seasons.


newlyfleds_0592 newlyfleds_0593 newlyfleds_0582

newlyfleds_0596 newlyfleds_0581

newlyfleds_0594 newlyfleds_0595


Returning to Helsinki after all of our travels over the last 2+ years, opening the door to this apartment was always comforting. We loved coming home here as much as we loved making it our home. While I will enjoy the larger kitchen, personal sauna and fewer stairs in our new building, it will never hold the place in our memories as our first home.


^Jimmy cooking. HA!


Check out Brittany Sprague Photography for your lifestyle and family photography needs. As you can tell, she made us very comfortable and we had lots of laughs the whole time. Her current location is Helsinki, but we had to share, so she will be (somewhere) Stateside soon! Snatch her up!


3 Comments on First Home: Our Finnish Apartment

  1. Megan Neve
    January 10, 2017 at 5:03 pm (3 years ago)

    I love these picture and I’m so glad you did this. I wish I had the brains to do something like this in our first house. You’ll really love those forever.

  2. Julia Hicks
    January 11, 2017 at 3:38 pm (3 years ago)

    These pictures are gorgeous, especially the black and whites! What a fun post!

  3. coffeeandcleveland
    January 12, 2017 at 4:28 pm (3 years ago)

    Your apartment is so cute! I love the big windows. My apartment in Russia actually has big windows which I guess isn’t very common.


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