It is dark and gloomy and nasty in Helsinki today.

It has been for most of the week.
…and the week before that.

I have been pushing through some design work for the holidays and I am finally coming to the bottom of my to-do list. Tonight, Jimmy and I hope the spitting icy rain will hold up so we can walk through the Christmas markets, Christmas shop and enjoy the sparkling light of the festive city. And remember why we love living here (or at least try).

I am about to head to a nearby cafe for a snack and tea, just for the sake of getting out of the apartment and possibly have some human interaction. No promises, though.
We always joke that there are two different kinds of Finns: the summer Finn and the winter Finn. These days, you will only find the latter. They walk around with their collars up and heads down. The only place you will get more than a 1-word response is in a pub, after they’ve warmed themselves from the inside out. Summer Finns are much more enjoyable, though still not the biggest chatters. However they walk around smiling, having picnics and with a particular spring in their step.

Sadly, summer is all of 2 months in Finland, so I am much better acquainted with the winter Finn.

As I was browsing the web, I found this article from a Finnish website about a photographer that I follow on social media. His images are stunning and manage to very powerfully capture the darkness, great open expanses and loneliness that is Finland.

Follow the link below to read about his photographs and a bit about Finland this time of year.

Mikko Lagerstedt- Finnish Loneliness

Sorry for the quick check in after a long absence. It has been both busy and slow around here, and neither have inspired me to write. Hopefully, if our excursion tonight isn’t too wet and miserable, I will give you a peek at how beautifully lit Helsinki is this time of year. It is pretty magical!


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