Just after Jimmy and I moved to Helsinki, a high school friend of ours put us in contact with some very close Finnish friends of hers- Laura and Jussi. They instantly agreed to meet us and we went out for dinner within our first month here. We have since met up a few more times for dinner or coffee, and even just bumped into each other downtown!

Laura has completely taken me in, invited me over to their darling apartment, and even connected me with my first design project in Finland! When we met, she has just found out that she was expecting twins! As a little break from total baby-world and for some adult interaction, she invited me for an adventure day in Finland. She loaded up the kiddos and picked me up and we made for Porvoo, to have an easy afternoon in the charming little town.

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You may remember Porvoo from my post this last summer. Jimmy and I made a brief visit with friends in May. However, Laura- with her double-wide stroller tackling icy cobblestones (She seems to have this whole double-trouble baby act totally down pat!) showed me specific cute stores, a chocolate shop, a charming stay-cation hotel and all of her family’s favorites. It being the middle of the winter, many stores were closed, but apparently the town turns into a humming maze of old buildings and river boat-bars in the middle of the summer.



River boats or not, we had a really great time! After a pretty pastoral drive in, we settled in to a long lunch at a trendy cafe- each opting for pasta (mine with gorgonzola, hers with avocado! so much yum) and splitting a Finnish specialty for dessert. All the while playing with her two little cuties- when they weren’t babbling at each other from across the table.


After lunch we strolled the town, picked up some (uhm-amazing) chocolates and then figured we should return home to the hubbies.


We are planning to have a few more adventures this summer, which I really look forward to! Easily one of the hardest parts about moving out here has be the lack of girl-friends. I am used to having plenty of gals- whether friends or sisters- to call up to run errands, grab a coffee or watch a movie that Jimmy wont watch with me. It is so nice to have someone to fill that role! Thank you so much Laura for taking me in! It has- seriously- meant the world! Just knowing that I have someone to reach out to, ask where to buy something, or take a short outing has been a huge comfort!


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