Helsinki, being cold and dark for a far greater number of months than it is sunny and….well, almost warm, does a good job at embracing the darkness.


Throughout the winter and passed the holidays, the city stays strung with twinkle lights up and down every main drag, wrapped up light posts and woven into any resilient shrubbery.


At the beginning of January, the city even puts on a walking light show/tour of the city center. Throughout the city, there are gathering points where light installations are set up; from animated projections to funky student-made projects. The aptly named LUX attracts massive crowds of people in a trail of strollers and parkas that weaves through the city from the second it gets dark (mind you, that was around 4pm).


Jimmy and I have been very impressed with how well the city keeps us entertained. It seems like there is a new exhibition or show or restaurant-happening nearly every month. Helsinki, while a difficult place to tour- is a wonderful place to live!



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