Ok, guys. We’ve found maybe the coolest thing to do in Helsinki.


It might be the biggest thing to hit Finland since…..the sauna.
(gasps heard all through Finland)

I can’t believe I didn’t invent this. But at least now that I know about it, I have to spread the word. If you are in Finland, do this. If you live by a large, not-too-warm body of water, look into investing in one.

It’s called a Hot Tug.



A wood fired, 8-seater floating hot tub. With a little engine and rudder to toodle around the chilly Baltic waters. All while perfectly comfortable in your tub, complete with coolers and speakers. Oh and with that wood fire, you have that incredible, wood burning smell piping out of your little smoke stack!

You better believe everyone stops to take photos of you as you cruise by. People wave or- in our case- throw a beer off a bridge for you. You sort of feel like royalty, cruising by the poor pedestrians and kayakers while you stay warm in your luxurious floaty toy.
Almost the same thing, right?
I’ll have to work on my wave….

Newlyfleds_HotTub-6 Newlyfleds_HotTub-1

We had this little puppy for two hours, which was plenty of time to make a full tour of the surroundings within our allowed boundaries. The route took us past a bar and through a canal, under wiry pedestrian bridges, just as the sky was changing colors for its late-night descent.
The mood was set, naturally, by the hits of the 1970s. What else?


And, of course, it isn’t a true Finnish activity if no one jumps into a (very) cold body of water when the heat gets too stifling. Maybe a little bit of Finland is getting into my blood, but I am really starting to love these polar plunges. Nothing like a shot of icy water to really get your blood flowing!


Now that I’ve completely convinced you – awesome jams, cooler, smoky fire, good company refreshing dips, all in a floating pocket of toasty water – here’s where you go to book your own tricked-out floaty toy:

The owner is also installing an 8-seater sauna in his house boat, so soon that will be available to add to the fun!

Enjoy your cruise!



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  1. Lizzy
    July 27, 2016 at 7:36 pm (4 years ago)

    I can’t wait to do this!!!!


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