Here are some highlights from the last few weeks.

You can go ahead and call me Julia Child.

Mussels. The cheapest luxury item found in Helsinki, 5 euro for 1 kilogram. I am pretty darn impressed with myself, considering that I had never even eaten mussels prior to this. I think it is much easier to cook something if you know how it is supposed to taste first. But they were delicious.

Then again, anything cooked in white wine, garlic and cream will probably be pretty tasty. Recipe here

Coq au Vin. It tastes as rich as it sounds. This is certainly a dish you should make if you want your guests to walk in and instantly smell your stove-top prowess. Its amazing. It smells amazing. It tastes amazing. Also, it works great if (like me) you had a bottle of red wine that ended up being not very good that you need to use.
I have cut up a whole chicken before and I was unsure about the ability of our knives to get the job done without destroying the poor thing, so instead I got 2 organic chicken breast and 4 legs, skin on, and it was still fabulous. And I didn’t have to deal with hacking up Chicken Little in my tiny kitchen.

I considered serving this with potatoes, but dont bother. Just get some nice crusty bread to sop up the amazing sauce. That is really the best part. Recipe here


Lunch Lady Cinnamon Rolls. Bam. Made them the night before and stuck them uncooked in the fridge. Drank too much that night. Excellent breakfast waiting to be put in the oven. Best day ever. The dough recipe is the same for rolls and it produces a crazy amount, so you can freeze some, make dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls, or deliver cinnamon rolls to all your neighbors and still have a dozen to yourself. Your choice. Recipe here

Chow Down, everyone!


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