Ten years ago, on this very day, this freckled faced cutie asked me to be his girlfriend.

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So if you did your math right, you will have come to the conclusion that he was 15 and I was 14.
So then you should also have realized just how awkward that whole situation probably was. I was waiting for my sister to pick me up after lacrosse training (you know, because I couldn’t drive yet) and Jimmy was still at school for baseball pre-season. Ever the talented linguist, Jimmy waited until we were saying goodbye- mid hug-and just sort of said “Oh, and will you be my girlfriend?”
No idea what I said (obviously it was in the affirmative) and there was probably an awkward hug. The next day, we announced our much anticipated relationship to the school by holding hands through the hallway.
This is what fairy tales are made of, everyone. We are basically a real life version of High School Musical –but without random duets and back up dancers. But there has been plenty of dancing, teen angst, crazy dates, big life decisions, all of the other stuff that makes a good Disney Channel Original. But mostly lots of love,  understanding, and tons of fun!

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Now that we have hit the big #10, we can officially stop counting our date-iversary.  We took a city break this weekend to beautiful Switzerland as celebration of a beautiful and blessed decade together (That post coming soon to a blog near you). But we cannot believe it has been that long. No one really imagines that they will marry their Freshman Homecoming date, but sometimes there are greater plans written for us from the start.

And I am so incredibly happy for that. I cannot imagine it ending up any other way.

I have started lists of my favorite memories and dates from the last ten years- learning everything about each other and experiencing every drop of life with each other’s comfortable companionship. But those are better left for the 2 of us to smile over. Having so much from the past is the best and strongest anchor we share, even when we rarely have anything new to say to each other. Each new experience-big or small- we can load it into our trunk and take it along for the long, long road ahead.


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  1. Lizzy
    February 9, 2016 at 8:43 pm (4 years ago)

    You two are ADORABLE! Congratulations on 10 years!


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