August 23rd was the most spectacularly perfect day ever.
The sun was shining and the sky was clear. It was, miraculously, not scorching hot but a perfect 74 degrees. No forecasted rain, no nearby fires to smoke out the town.

I woke up at 6am to begin the primping and prepping. My bridesmaids showed up at 7, and we began getting ready for the day ahead. At 10:30 we were dressed and by 11 we were at the reception venue for photos. Jimmy and his groomsmen were already there, after meeting for breakfast and getting all tux-ed out together in the hotel.

Newlyfleds_0160 Newlyfleds_0161

We can talk for a second about my dress. Oh baby, I am just dying to slip that lovely lady back on and sashay around the house. Her name is Faith by Theia Bridal. I am afraid she didn’t photograph as well as she felt; the material was stunning- an airy soft tulle and stunning lace detail. And those buttons down the back! I had always wanted those on my wedding gown!
I have to say, my groom looked pretty darn fine, himself, in his spankin new Brooks Brothers shawl collar tuxedo, complete with a stud set I bought him for a wedding gift. Who says men don’t accessorize? Newlyfleds_0153 Newlyfleds_0154

Jimmy and I decided to do a “first look” in the interest of getting all of the photos out of the way before the ceremony and reception. And also so we could have a private moment together before standing in front of 300 people while saying our vows.
Jimmy is not a crier, and he is rarely emotional, so I did not expect him to be choking back tears. He is a quiet observer, who prefers to take in his surroundings before adding his voice. Fortunately for me, after nearly 9 years together, I don’t need to see him fighting tears to know how he feels. I can see it in his smile, which reaches up into his kind eyes.

So after I walked up behind him and turned him towards me, I saw the most joyful smile in his eyes that made me feel completely loved and appreciated and perfectly right. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous either. I had no signs of tears in my eyes, just complete excitement to get this day going and marry this amazing man. He looked spectacularly handsome in his Brooks Brothers tuxedo and the new stud set I had gotten for him as a gift. His hair was perfectly coiffed, and he wore his fancy glasses. We both forgot to put on our perfume/cologne and we laughed about that. It was a blissfully quiet few minutes in a beautiful garden together before the mayhem of the day began.


The ceremony followed family and wedding party photos. Our wedding party was kind of huge. It got out of control very quickly. But in hindsight, I am so happy that it was. We were surrounded by wonderful people, who each have an important place in our lives. They were so supportive and SO fun and I am so very happy to have had them all with us at the beginning of our lives together. Our presider, Father Ben, made a clear point that the wedding party is there to support you not only on your wedding day, but throughout your marriage. I feel so blessed to know that these friends will live up to the task!

Newlyfleds_0159 Newlyfleds_0158

The ceremony was held at St. John’s Catholic Cathedral in Boise, Idaho. I grew up going to this church, attending grade school next door, and both Jimmy and I were confirmed there. When the music started and the party lined up, I waited at the bottom of the stairs. It was then that I became very nervous, antsy, full of emotions. There was a big cathedral full of 300 people, our closest friends and (nearly) our entire families, and if that wasn’t enough, the organ filled the rest of the available space. Coming up the stairs, greeting my dad with a big hug and a kiss and an “I’m ready” look,  we turned the corner and started our long walk up the marble aisle.
Newlyfleds_0163 Newlyfleds_0164 For I minute, I did finally begin to choke up. And when I looked down the aisle at Jimmy, and saw him look down, and I knew he was trying to collect himself too.


The rest of the ceremony was beautiful. A full, traditional Catholic mass. Organist and a beautiful deep tenor. Trumpet voluntary and Ave Maria. It went like a blur, and all of the sudden we were walking out to the organ drowned by the applause of our guests.

Newlyfleds_0165 Newlyfleds_0169

And then started the party.

A beautiful backyard garden party, with white umbrellas, bow ties and tall stands of hydrangea flowers. The tables each had pattered runners, golf cards to fill out about us, and the bars were busy all night. It was classy and comfortable and just a whole ton of fun!

  Newlyfleds_0167 Newlyfleds_0144 Look at just how gorgeous this party was! All white umbrellas and bunchy hydrangea bouquets. The tables were set with preppy patterned runners and golf-card style cards on which the guests could give us some advice (complete with tiny pencils!). We had a living room style seating area in the back next to the two bars and a white dance floor front and center for when the party got started. At the entrance was a table that had fun bow ties and faux pearls for our guests to deck themselves out to match our theme: “Guys in ties, Girls in Pearls.” With towering oak trees and private arbors, this was the most elegant and intimate back yard party that ever was!
Small detail: this was put together in ten days. Yes, ten days.
We had a conflict with our original venue, which also happened to be our caterer, bar, and all linens, tables, flatware, etc. So with 10 days to go, we had a photographer and a DJ. I was in constant tears, my mom and our wedding coordinators were working round the clock.
But that is how amazing they are! If you are having any event in Idaho, please see Bliss Events (and maybe hire my mom). They made the whole stressful process completely pleasant and the event totally beautiful. I am completely thankful to them.
I am also eternally indebted to the Lindsey family, an old friend of the family, for being the amazing friends that they are by responding to our call of help and allowing me to have my dream wedding in their spectacular back yard.

Newlyfleds_0142 Newlyfleds_0143 Newlyfleds_0145

There were beautiful toasts, traditional dances, serenades and tosses. We danced with friends, chatted with family and tried our best to thank every attendee. The party ended with cops at the door, one kid in the fountain, crazy photo booth pictures and a whole lot of people dancing. Apparently after we left, my parents had endless droves of people thanking them profusely and even a few weepy girls talking about how beautiful it all was.

Newlyfleds_0146 Newlyfleds_0147 Newlyfleds_0149 Newlyfleds_0141 Newlyfleds_0150 Newlyfleds_0152

Now that is a successful wedding!

Thank you for all of the love and support, especially from our wonderful families. It could not have been more wonderful, or a more perfect way to send us off to Finland.

Amy Jimmy_1058

Wedding Events by Bliss Events here
Photography by Nate Perkes Photography here
Second Shooter Dear Dani Photography here


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