I hate to tell you this, but we met on the first day of high school.
Yes, we are that couple.
My first memory of Jimmy is of the freckle-y kid with spikey hair that sat behind me in Conceptual Physics. He knocked down my wooden block structure that day.
Turns out, we had 1st, 2nd, and 6th periods together. So we ended up seeing a lot of each other and hanging out in the same group.
Around the time Homecoming rolled around, I thought he was cute enough to pursue as my date. Truth be told, my first option had found greener (might I say bustier?) pastures, so I simply could not not go.
Turns out I wasn’t Jimmy’s first choice either, as my best friend at the time was out of town that weekend. Fortunately, like any freshman girl, I had other minions friends looking out for my best interests, and they were the ones to convince Jimmy to take me to Homecoming 2005.
The date was as awkward as you might imagine a date could be for two 14 year old kids. Awkward pictures. Awkward Macaroni Grill dinner. Awkward dance and after party. And when his mother dropped us off at home (yes, neither of us could drive at night yet) he left me on the curb, without walking me to the door. Awkward beginnings.
Well, that terrible move wasn’t the end of it, since we saw each other every day any how. We became skiing buddies, as his family drove right past my house on the way to the ski hill. My friends prank called him on New Years. We went to group movies together. Eventually he asked me out on February 9, 2006.

We dated through high school, attending every dance together, going to a lot each others’ sporting events, and slowly becoming really really great friends. When the time came to look at colleges, we decided to look in separate places. Some how, we still ended up opting for the University of Utah.
He joined a fraternity, I joined a sorority. We both played ultimate frisbee for a while. I seem to have spent a lot more time on school work, and Jimmy constantly held jobs. We spent a lot of our time developing our own lives, while holding on to each other. I think in the end that is what kept us grounded. We had something very consistent in each other that persisted through the whirl-wind changes that collegiate life had in store for us. We both had some trying times, and the first person either of us had was each other.
After I spent a semester away in Italy, we knew that we weer truly stuck with each other. If absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, it at least tells you what is missing. During that long absence, we knew that there was an empty hole in our lives when we were away.

Which was good to know as that was not the end of the long distance stuff. Jimmy’s job out of college took him to Detroit, while I stayed in Utah finishing my degree. So the last part of our relationship involved regular Skype dates and very long stretches of absence.
When I went to visit Jimmy for his birthday that year in Michigan, he proposed. Ten months of long distance later, we were married. Being engaged long-distance is really tough. It is such an exciting time with so many fun things happening. You are getting married! It is a fun step between the new life of marriage and the life you have now. But when you are apart, the fun gets a little squashed and the actual leap into marriage seems much steeper.
But hey, here we are! And all the better for it! We enjoyed nearly 9 happy years together before even getting married. Its a dream come true. We really were best friends, and we really know each other better than anyone else. It has been the single best foundation for our marriage, especially considering how drastically our lives changed after the wedding.


We still have the constancy of each other.