I’m Amy.
This is Jimmy.

I grew up a pretty eccentric kid, usually with my tongue hanging out, food in my hair and paint on my face. I nearly failed 1st grade because I wouldn’t turn in assignments where I had colored outside of the lines. Somewhere along the line, the psychotic and neurotic came together.

I am passionate about the history and making of art and architecture and therefore graduated college with a degree in architecture with minor studies in art history. Since marriage and moving came soon after, I have been dabbling in various design practices and starting my own graphic design company. For now, I am embracing the luxury of finding out in my own time while also settling into my role as wife and travel partner.

I love food, and I love feeding people. So I learned to cook from my family of amateur chefs and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I love wine. I love dessert even more. I love my girlfriends. I love my family. I love being on an adventure. I love the freckles on my husbands face. And the rest of him too.

Jimmy, from what I know, grew up pretty straight and narrow. He separates his food, color codes his closet and matches his socks to his bow tie. I used to love watching him play baseball in high school, because what is cuter than an all-American kid with freckles wearing a baseball cap and pants?

Always the advanced student, he skimmed his way though higher education, having more fun than most and still landing a pretty darn good job. He works to live, and never the other way around. In that way, he is giving us a great lifestyle. We live in a cool place, we take frequent adventures, and we eat good food. All because he works hard. Plus, he is my very own bar tender!

Jimmy loves to laugh, play video games, and shop for preppy threads. So far, he likes my food, but loves dive Asian places better. He has some awesome friends, he is up for an adventure, and I think he likes me too. At least, he can’t say no to these baby blues.

We have so much fun together, it is criminal. We laugh, we joke, we push each others’ buttons. We party and dance and eat cookie dough with Netflix. He is easy going but meticulous, I am high strung but spacey. He calms me down, I keep him on his toes. We’ve been complimenting each other since 2009. And we aren’t stopping here.

Amy Jimmy_1059

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