According to Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.”

Paris in the fall, however, is a great idea.

Tourist numbers are lower, the weather is lovely and while all those beautiful trees that line the boulevards and avenues are beginning to show their autumn colors, the pots are still filled with bright blooms.

We were in Paris for 5 days and spent every one of them exploring the beautiful city of lights.

…You know where this is going…..too many photos to post all at once. I think I shall slowly feed you information on our visit.

For starters: Montmartre.


We had been told that Montmartre is somethings special. On my last visit to Paris, I just went to Sacre Coeur and left without knowing the charming neighborhood that I was missing.

If you ever have the fortunate opportunity to visit Paris, take a day to explore this gem of a neighborhood. Wander through the little streets, browse art from the dozens of vendors, stop at a street cafe for lunch or wine or coffee and watch Paris at its most quaint.


We had spent the morning on the Champs Elysee and climbing the Arc de Triomphe before catching the metro out to this neighborhood, which sits on the highest promenade in Paris.



Of course, we visited the famous white domed cathedral, which is adorned inside by stunning turn of the century mosaic art work and tombs. Afterwards, we winded around to the back of the church and through charming street after charming street before landing in Place du Tertre, a bustling square filled with tents the accompany the cafes along the exterior and lined with artist stands.



After a lunch of onion sou and mussels with fries, we perused the stalls (many will try to take your portrait) and my parents purchased an oil and a watercolor painting for their home.  From there, we meandered through the streets. (We had a guide telling us which streets to take to hit the main viewpoints….suggested, but not mandatory. It is just darling around every corner).



We saw one of the oldest cabarets in Paris, one of the last standing wind mills, and a tiny vineyard on the hill. Sadly, the famous La Maison Rose was having a face lift, so we were not able to see it.




I insisted that we stop in the shop that had won the title of “Best baguette in France” last year and was sadly disappointed; it tasted like a baguette.

Then we walked passed the Moulin Rouge and went back home.


To not overwhelm these posts and to stretch out the visual pleasures that are Paris, I will be posting smaller posts about our trip.

We still have Notre Dame, Versailles & general Paris sites to go!


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