The trip I took to Paris this last fall was, largely, to celebrate my awesome momma’s birthday. She spent so much time planning every day of the trip, scheduling great dinner reservations every night, and making sure that everyone got to do exactly what they wanted to do
(Never mind that the torrential downpours did their best to thwart every single one of those plans)
Because of all her hard work- every day of our lives as well as for this trip- we wanted to do something special for her and to commemorate our trip.

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Enter Pictours Paris!

We began corresponding with Lindsey, and American expat in Paris who runs this fabulous company, about doing a one-hour photo session during our trip. She does everything from engagements to elopements, family portraits to picnics.

Lindsey was fantastic to work with, responding readily to emails and providing plenty of ideas for our session.  We wanted shots in some gardens, but also iconic shots with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Through much deliberation -up until the days before!- we settled on the Tuileries and near-by Pont Alexander III to capture both themes.

On the morning of my mom’s birthday in Paris, we surprised her with mimosas and breakfast and a card detailing our plans!

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Unfortunately, on the day-of the photoshoot, the Seine was completely flooded out and the bridges packed with people watching Paris’s newest attraction (the river and all the goodies it was carrying with it). Lindsey met with us at our scheduled time, but was SO accommodating in rescheduling our photos to early the next morning, in the interest of crowd-free photos.
The next morning, the thickest fog I think that Paris has ever seen rolled over the Eiffel Tower. Our apartment was a literal stone’s throw from the Tower and we couldn’t see it out of our windows. It looked like someone had run off with it in the night!

Lindsey called me that morning, and suggested that we push back the photo session as late as possible in the hopes that the fog would burn off. She even offered to reschedule (again!) but we were leaving town the next day.

The fog never did burn off, but Lindsey still managed to get some great photos of the four of us! We all felt a little stiff and awkward, but she did a great job getting us to loosen up and just have a good time!

I guess, in the end, the photo session just followed the theme of the rest of the trip, with almost everything going wrong, but making the absolute best out of it! And, at the end of the day, having a really great time!

KathlynMeganAmyandMolly-22 Newlyfleds_0350

Thank you Lindsey and Pictours Paris for working with us and helping us to give our mother a beautiful gift to remember this amazing trip by!
We love you, mommy! For everything you do for us! I wish we could be back in Paris drinking wine and breaking diets- maybe for your next big birthday!



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