On Sunday I was supposed to post about style.
It is now Monday night. What can I say, I am fashionably late.

Before we embarked on this expedition, my sisters and I googled/ pinterest-ed “Helsinki Street Style.” What we found was eccentric, bizarre and -to a preppy gal like myself -horrifying. Most of the photos were dominated by hipsters donning hair every color of the rainbow, explaining the inspiration for their clashing outfits.
“I really like cats, so I thought this sweater and these shoes and these earrings that have cats on them describe my personality…”
“Indie bands, sea and sailing inspire me…”
“The hat is an exception because it is not second hand.”
“Faries and Elves inspire me”
“I’m wearing 5 meters of old drape.”
“The rope was tied around a carpet, now its my belt”
“I guess you could describe my style as a mix of tomboy and crazy cat lady”
“Because I’m a grandmother at heart, I decided to wear floral patters and mix them with see through skirts.” (this said by a man)
“My style is not inspired by other people, but by all things dead, like dead animals.”

Guys, I did not make this stuff up. I cannot make this stuff up. I am not that clever, despite my efforts. These are actual quotes on the Helsinki Street Style site. It is amazing.
Hopefully it makes you understand my trepidation in moving here. I mean, it wasn’t Paris…

But what I have found is a much more chic, metropolitan city. As I have mentioned, there is a lot of multi colored hair. (If I were to guess, 1970s shag carpet orange is on the way out and mermaid pinky-purple is on the way in.) There is enough dark and drab to even make Richard Simmons cry and more hipsters than a northwestern music festival. But all-in-all, the people of Helsinki are in tune to the world of fashion.
People have been bundled up for winter for the last few weeks, and at first we didn’t really understand why. The sun is strong and warm most of the day. But, oh baby, if a cloud rolls by or the sun sets, that Baltic air sets in and it gets right down to being chilly.
So with that being said, boots are a very popular footing item. Knee high boots are less common than the trendy flat ankle boot or mid height boot with a chunky heel. I managed to sneak no less than 8 pairs of boots out here under Jimmy’s nose, and not a single one is a flat ankle boot or mid height chunky heel.
Looks like it’s time to go shopping…..
Also, every single girl between the ages of 15 and 35 owns a pair of white Chuck Taylors. Every. Single. One.
Clothing wise, everyone is wearing dark neutrals all over. OF course, they look incredibly chic and well put together, while also looking like they had no thought about it at all (how do they do that?!). Chunky sweaters are an absolute staple.Also, I have seen the most beautiful array of overcoats that I have ever seen. Everything from classically simple to trendy and wild. Naturally, if you lived in a city where winter looms longer than it is welcome, you would have a similar collection, I would imagine.

Apparently, the Finns have notably fine hair. Therefore, if its not worn in a darling and well styled pixie cut, it is up in a cascading pony tail. Seriously, it is like their hair is made of unicorn tails, it is obnoxiously gorgeous and flowing. But I have seen very few women with their hair down and styled. Me, however, I have hair the texture of a beaver pelt, so it is generally forced into some sort of a style down. (take that, you daughters of Thor, with your golden locks!) When it is up, it resembles a bushy squirrel tail. Especially in this humidity.

The men are very well styled, generally in very classic oxford shoes and trim cut suits and -casually- in tennis (you guessed it-Chuck Taylors) tshirts and well fitting jeans.

On a side note, Jimmy and I have made notice of the hilarious use of pieces of classic American culture in fashion. Like the Varsity jackets that have just hit the stores. Or the guy who was wearing a green Yankees shirt (what are you thinking?!) or the endless interpretations of stars and stripes on every article of clothing. It is both funny and mildly irritating.

Moving on, I have a few outfits that I have particularly enjoyed lately. Also, there are only a few as Jimmy is not the biggest fan of taking a picture of my outfits and doesn’t entirely get it.
So here we are. A touring-type outfit (layers layers layers), a running errands outfit (note: comfy loafers and a statement necklace to spice things up), and 2 more chic outfits put together in an attempt to fit in in this dark and chic city.

Tune in tomorrow for a peak into our Sunday of being tourists in our own city!

Thanks for dropping you, you beautiful people, you.


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