2015 was good to us.

Really, really good!

I have felt, very much, at home in Helsinki for a while now. But I am finally feeling like I belong. I go to the post office, and the people know me. I go to the market, and the butcher asks me my Christmas plans. I know the woman who owns the bakery next door. Maybe it is just me, but the Finns have seemed so much more friendly this winter. Or maybe I am just more comfortable with them. Either way, I love it and I love our routine and this wonderful place that we live! 2015 treated us well!

I know I have been absent from the blogosphere for a few months, but it has allowed me to be very productive in other ways.

In August, I launched a website for my graphic design company. In October, I attended a workshop in Seattle with fellow young, female creative entrepreneurs. I am so excited to be heading into this next year with a business plan and a vision for what I want this company to be.

And that was just the start! If you have been following along, you know what we have been up to: travel and adventure! Here is a quick wrap up of our travels and adventures this year as well as the top 15 bests from 2015!

1.) Train Trip through Bavarian Germany
From Frankfurt through Wurzburg to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, down to Fussen and back up to Stuttgart, this was our first big trip together. We had a total blast!

2.) Finnish Vappu
After a late night that lead to good stories, the party continued with a city-wide tailgate. These Finns sure know how to tie one on!


3.) Amsterdam Trip
We had a taste of real spring-time weather as well as a visit with a few friends!

4.) New Nephew & Godson
My oldest sister had her second little boy, our Godson, Thomas in May!


5.) First Half Marathon!
Not much of a runner, this was a big deal for me! I finished over my goal time, but not bad for a beginner 2:12


6.) Whirl-Wind USA Tour
First we arrived in Salt Lake City, where we were bombarded by love and treated to a few days of fun with our friends and family there! We continued to Las Vegas where Jimmy’s company held yet another spectacular conference. Last stop was Boise to spend time with our families. Lucky me, I stayed on for 2 extra weeks while Jimmy returned to work. Some girls just get all the luck!

7.) Anniversary Trip to Norway
From Oslo to Flam by train, then to Bergen by Ferry, this is still one of our favorite trips we have taken. Look back in the archives for the fun video Jimmy put together!

8.) Weekend Techno Festival
Like I said, not generally our thing, but this summer festival was a complete blast! Our friend Gabby joined us after her summer in France, and helped make the weekend awesome. 

9.) Friends Visiting: Leah, Gabby, Ryan
Lucky us, we had quite a few visitors this year! After Leah spent a long Christmas with us, we met her again in Amsterdam (where we also ran into Katie). Ryan and his girlfriend Jackie made us their first stop on a long European tour. Finally, Gabby joined us from France for our concert weekend, after which we took a whirlwind tour of Italy-a girl’s trip we had always dreamed of taking!

10.) My Parents Visit Helsinki
I was fortunate enough to have my mother out here in March -perfect timing after our first 9 months abroad- as well as both my parents in early September. We had a blast showing them around and were even filmed for a Helsinki tourism ad!

11.) Trip to Paris
We later met up with my parents in Paris and spent an extended weekend exploring the stunning city of lights!

12.) Trip to Barcelona
Just after unpacking from Paris, we turned around and met Jimmy’s entire family in Barcelona for a week of exploration in this historic, beautiful gastronomic town.

13.) Business Launch
Amy Ann Custom Paperworks
As I said, I took my business “live” in August and have sense been busy designing anything from websites to wedding invitations! Check out my website (soon to be updated) above  

14.) Trip to Lapland
We have just arrived back from an amazing trip to Finnish Lapland over the holidays! Look for a post on our adventure soon!

15.) Jimmy is still employed in this awesome country!
Our residency permits have been extended for another year and Jimmy’s company continues to work hand in hand with the Finnish Tax Administration. We look forward to every new month in this country!

We cannot wait to ring in 2016with the hopes that it will bring us as much love and adventure as did 2015!


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  1. Tim Johans
    December 31, 2015 at 9:59 pm (4 years ago)

    Wow what a great year. I am so happy for you both. Grandma Johan’s would be speechless with your pace and how you actively seek the joy in all situations. I love and miss you both. Pops


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