My word. Where have I been? Doing holiday stuff, that’s where!

Our weekends have been wholly uneventful, as I feel like we are now settled into life here in Helsinki. We do the normal weekend-type stuff: hang out with friends, see movies, window shop around the city, try new restaurants.

The last two weeks, I have been searching for cabins for Christmas and Thanksgiving, re-arranging some furniture, and getting our Christmas decorations together. Oh, and cooking some delicious food, but more on that later.

The cabins have been booked, but now it is time to coordinate Thanksgiving dinner for our group. No matter what, it should end up being a great time with good company and great food. And plenty of drinks. Most importantly, the cabin has a massive sauna, so that is all that really mattered.

But as this is my first Turkey day spent away from my family, it will be very different. For a while I was being pretty up tight about what was prepared and how much food we were going to have, and making sure that all of my traditional Thanksgiving dishes were going to be available. However, I finally loosened up and realized that this is a new tradition. It’s not about me or my dished or my traditions; its about the new ones that we are starting. Everyone is going to bring their favorite dish, and together we will end up with an amazing and unique smorgasbord of fantastic food that everyone loves! Maybe I will find a new holiday staple!

The re-arranging of the furniture became an ordeal that I was not expecting. All I wanted to do was push the couch over a bit and move the arm chair from in front of the window to the other side, creating a sitting nook and better view out the window. Once I did that, the mirror behind the couch was not very off center.

Oh I know! I will put it on the mantle for the Christmas decorations! Perfect! I have always wanted a nice mantle for a big mirror. Done.

Turns out the mirror was supported by 2 screw and covering a large old screw hole. So now I have an unsightly mess behind my couch to try and cover. And what is worse, now there are too many frames in the dining room and none in the living room. SO I ended up taking down all of the dining room frames because there was way too much going on ( I tried to re-hang my favorite on a different hook, and it fell off and did some damage…Hoping it doesn’t come out of the deposit…).

So now I have screw holes, a broken frame, and empty walls.

Frantic searching for striped ribbon, a trip to IKEA and a few days crafting later, I am finally satisfied with my results! I have a lovely Christmas display,

A cozy seating area that looks a touch more tailored (but those off white couches still get to me…)

And some new wall art that is more persona than the Vitruvian Man print that was there before. Its places we have called home.

I am satisfied….for now.

SO that is what has kept me busy. And I haven’t even finished Christmas Cards. That’s this week, I suppose. After my ladies holiday gathering tomorrow!


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