#24 is just around the corner for Jimmy.
Tomorrow morning, I have one more year until he has his quarter-life crisis and I need to start worrying about a motorcycle showing up at the house, or some obscure hobby. Or, heaven forbid, a diet.

So this weekend, we did exactly what was appropriate: spent it with our new Finland friends.

Friday night, Jimmy had an inter-office poker tournament. Spouses and significant others were not invited, so I offered up my place for the ladies, since we are closest to the office, in case we wanted to meet up with them afterwards.

By the time we made contact, it was dark and cold and probably late (though it being dark does not necessarily mean that it was late…) and we were very much committed to staying on the couch with our drinks and and casual conversation.

The boys, however, opted for “one more beer” (yeah, we have all heard that before) and then to come back to our apartment. As it turns out, in Finland, you can drink in the office after hours, so they had run to the store for beers to get them through the poker game, so they had been going for quite a while at that point in time.
Also, as it turns out, Jimmy can actually play poker because he tied for second. More than likely, however, his ridiculous luck probably pulled through for him. He is the luckiest kid in the world. From landing an amazing, rent-free living situation through college by virtue of having an awesome roommate to getting this job. And then, he got me….. 😉
So, knowing that they had been continuously drinking since work ended, I should not have been surprised when Jimmy came home and announced that people were coming over at 9:30 the next morning for mimosas, followed by 10:30 brunch down the street.
Though I was surprised. Luckily I had already cleaned for my lady get-together.
I also should not have been surprised when no one actually came over at 930. Around 10, we had one person at the door with 2 bottles of champagne and 2 people on their way to meet us for brunch. After a few mimosas, we headed towards Kuja for brunch, only to find that is was packed. So we hit the grocery store on our way back home and made brunch for 6 in our tiny kitchen:
Fruit Salad, scrambled eggs with Parmesan and basil, croissants, bacon, hashed browns (yes, hashed by yours truly) and fried tomatoes. Oh and 8 bottles of champagne and 3 cartons of orange juice worth of mimosas.

The group then headed out for some second hand shopping, coffee to counteract the mimosas, a drink to counteract the coffee and then a movie (Gone Girl) followed by a night cap.
Funny side note if you haven’t seen the movie, it is about a scorned woman gone psyco in hopes of gaining revenge, and she is terrifying. The character’s name is Amy. So the first comment when we left the theater was “Good thing no one just married a girl named Amy….”

This morning, Jimmy and I considered making pancakes until we saw the dishes from Saturday, so we opted for brunch at La Torrefazione, which we had heard is the closest to American brunch as possible.
Our order included orange juice (thankfully without champagne this time) a coffee (cappuccino, of course) eggs, toast, croissant, sausage, bacon, some slices of brie and mozzarella cheese, yogurt, and tomato. If that isn’t enough, you have the choice of smoothie or waffle at the end of your meal. Obviously, waffles were the only logical decision.

Then we ran some errands, Jimmy bought me a gorgeous new winter coat (photos soon) so I will stop complaining about how cold it is, and we headed home for an afternoon of Skyping, choosing a watch for Jimmy for his birthday, and smoked salmon chowder (recipe coming) with a movie.

I vow to be better about taking photos. I need to get over being the irritating friend with a camera in your face and actually bring our fancy new hardware around with us so you could actually see the funky second hand shops. And Jimmy needs to be better at taking cooking photos, so you can actually see food and process and where I spend a good chunk of my time. But then, he would need to read this blog to get that hint. Let’s see how that works, shall we??

Happy week, everyone!


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  1. Liz Harris
    October 20, 2014 at 4:40 pm (5 years ago)

    Only you could throw a fabulous impromptu brunch for 6 people….. NBD for Amy, aka wonder woman! Also, you guys seem to have found the best food in Finland, because everything you eat sounds and looks delicious.


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