Oh hey guys.

Sorry for the weeks radio silence. I was actually productive this week, which means I didn’t actually blog. What?!
I know, I should be spending my production time telling stories about travels and food and how wickedly cold it is getting, but alas, I actually do have a life.

That was a bit of an over statement, but I do do things.

Monday was Jimmy’s birthday. After a few drinks with some co-workers after work, Jimmy and I went to a restaurant down the street from our little apartment called Kuurna.

It is one of the few posh little places in Helsinki with a set or limited menu that changes weekly. Usually each menu has a suggested wine pairing list as well. I think these began to crop up just a while back as the food scene began to take a swing from the provincial towards the pretentious. Either way, its a delicious and intimate way to spend a special occasion.

…Let’s be honest. I hate pretentiousness, but I love it. I went to architecture school where half the grade is sounding pretentious enough to make the jury believe you know what you are talking about. I am even pretentious enough to write a blog…

I started with a medley of Jerusalem artichoke, brussel sprouts and forest mushrooms and Jimmy had crispy pork belly with radishes. Both were delicious and tasted, in a word, like fall. You could taste the freshness of the season in the locally sourced ingredients. Simple, but very flavorful. 

We both opted for the Spelt risotto with ox tail for our main courses. 
I have a weird irrational issue with never wanting to order the same thing as my dining partner. I think I picked it up from my dad, becuase I have noticed that he does the same thing. I think it is largely because I love food a lot and I want to taste everything, usually. But Jimmy really wanted the risotto and I pretty much never say no to risotto, so we had the same thing. 
Good thing was that I didn’t have to share. Because it was amazingly delicious. 

Dessert was gone before I could snag a photo. However, I think anyone would have been distracted by a cloudberry chocolate puff pastry (mine) and panna cotta with lingonberries and nuts (his). They were both fantastic little bites of sweet to finish off a rich meal. 

Side Note: My friend Erika and I came up with a theory a few years ago. The summary is that if you do not have dessert or something sweet after dinner, you are more likely to continue grazing on snacks or whatever. However, if you have that small little treat -even a little bite – you seal off your satisfaction and will not feel the need to snack. Therefore “closing the portal” became a popular practice for us and our peers. 
So that is my excuse to never say no to dessert. 

That being said, I had also made a cake for Jimmy for his birthday. Partially cause I didn’t really get him a gift (he bought something for himself from me, it was shipped to the States) and also because I love any excuse to bake. 
So I threw together a small two-tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and garnished with browned butter toasted pecans . Despite the fact that it listed a bit to one side, it was by far my greatest cake success to date. 

(Insert Hallelujah Chorus here) 

“Threw Together” is the “This Old Thing?” or “Bless Your Heart” of baking/cooking. I love it. I love using it. 

However, being as full as we were, it served as breakfast for the week. Nutritious, eh? (Eggs! Milk! Flour! Nutrition!)  I am just looking after my hubby!

More to come from the week.

I am hoping the Bill Cosby reference was not lost on everyone of you darling followers….


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  1. erk.
    October 26, 2014 at 9:14 pm (5 years ago)

    Ah. Our “close the portal so you don't continue to stuff your face” theory. It's a good one. I've been entertaining an extension to that theory for a few years now: double portal closing. a.k.a. double dessert… because, why not??

    I love this little piece of your life! Even if it's only only week 🙂

    L&L from SLC


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