From what I hear, it had been even colder at home than it has been here.

However, this last week, the temperatures started to drop. On top of that, it is also not the dry cold that I am used to in the high mountain desert of Idaho. Rather, it is a wet, humid cold that blows through your clothes, freezes your inner ears and makes itself comfortable in your bones. And when the sun is only up for 5-ish hours a day, it doesn’t get too warm.

So, with that as well as our upcoming trip to St. Petersburg, I figured I would do a quick run down of the Helsinki winter essentials!

#1: A Parka.
A very warm, very wind-proof, water-proof, raccoon-trimmed and rabbit lined, heavy down jacket with an industrial clip to save your neck from exposure. Whenever I wear this, I am completely warm everywhere that the coat is touching. Jimmy bought this for me this year. Happy Christma/Birthday/Anniversary to me! I am hoping that with this incredible coat, that I never have to buy another parka again.

#2: A selection of hats.
If you are like me, your ears freeze up first. Plus when you have metal in them, they freeze harder. It is 100% necessary for me to keep them covered from the wind.

#3: Gloves. Leather gloves.
So far I have found no person in Finland so vegan as to deny themselves leather gloves. The difference is astounding. And for those warmer days, there are some other options, including fleece lined mittens for when I am feeling particularly festive.

#4: An array of scarves.
You can never have too many scarves. When your neck is warm, there is no cold creepin’ down your coat.

#5: A healthy dose of boots.
Sadly, I left 4 pairs in the states….

Bundle up out there, folks!


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