The sun light is getting lower and the leaves are beginning to crunch under foot. Helsinki is dipping into a beautiful fall, and I want to grasp the absolute most of it before it blows away and we are left with a blustery, wet winter. 

Jimmy and I were given a lovely picnic set for two as wedding gift. It comes complete with a cutting board, plaid napkins, and a sleeve to keep your wine nice and crispy cold! So it seemed  like a perfect idea to load it up with cheese and bread and all the best foods for sitting in a a park and munching the afternoon away, enjoying the sunny fall day.
So that’s exactly what we did!
After stocking up on goodies-a baguette, 3 different cheeses, salami, turkey, apples, and a bottle of wine- we made for Kaivopuisto, a very large park on the far end of the city, right on the water. Along the way, we passed through a particularly attractive neighborhood, with large trees, older buildings, and a darling brick cathedral. 

Once we found the park, we settled into a spot on a rock and tucked into our picnic. 

It was really a pleasant afternoon, sipping our way through our bottle, chatting our way through a baguette, and taking the warm sun through the crisp Nordic air. 
We walked along the water front back towards our apartment and stopped at a cafe for a sweet teat and a coffee. 

I cant imagine a more lovely afternoon. Especially after a very very long night of sampling the thriving night life in Tallinn, Estonia.
Buuuuut, more on that on Tuesday. 


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