Before coming to Finland, Jimmy and I each read a book about this place and the culture. The book was aptly named, “Culture Shock: Finland” The major things that we gleaned from this book were the following:

Finnish food sucks and there are no other options
There are few to no immigrants
Every dresses like crap
Its expensive
And in my opinion… its time to re-write the book.
( and as Jimmy is learning….thats the only opinion that counts )
#1: I haven’t had a bad meal yet.  The Finns are basically the inventors of comfort food. More in this topic on Friday, but they do a dynamite mashed potato, and everything comes with a dense bread. They definitely know how too utilize salt, but I’m suggesting that they find their way over to the spice cabinet and kick it up a notch, if you know what I’m sayin.
Obviously none of this is on any kind of diet. Good thing I’m letting my fat kid flag fly these days.
Also, there are trendy gastro pubs every few blocks and  endless options for international cuisine.
Like pizza. Pizza is like Starbucks: there is one on every corner. 
Or the amazing Chinese food we had for dinner tonight (I am thinking we will have some take out while we settle in this weekend cause I am still dreaming about my udon).
Which lends itself to #2: Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Jamaican, Italian, Mexican….. All these restaurants are coming from somewhere.
#3: There are certainly some wacko styles out here. We have seen hair in every hue in the 64 pack of crayolas, and more Seattle grunge than the mid-90’s. But overwhelmingly, very stylish people. Nothing flashy, just well tailored and put together.
#4: It is still expensive, so that holds up.
I am also liking that the women are not stick thin. Some are naturally very small, but not the “Spring Break Diet” thigh gap hunting extremes that are the (unfortunate) norm in the States. And, I mean, obviously. Did you read what they eat?!
Update on us: We get the keys to our apartment tomorrow, and then we will begin the schlepping of bags over there and the nesting will commence. 
I went on a picture safari today. post to come later.
And here is a funny little dude in the public square
And by little, I mean over 20 feet tall and red.  


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