After an exhausting day of omelet making and Netflix marathon-ing, Jimmy and I pulled ourselves together for a date night.

No one cares what Jimmy wore.

Sort of every night is a date night, though if we go out it is generally with co-workers and if its a stay at home date, it involves me cooking and Jimmy keeping my wine glass full between rounds of video gaming.

But don’t get me wrong, I actually love this routine that we have slipped into. He gets up early and heads to work. I am usually awake by the time he leaves, but I take a slow morning cleaning, laundry-ing, and deciding on what to make for dinner -which sometimes involves looking up translations for some ingredients to make it easier to find them. Eventually I take a stroll, stop to sketch here or there, pop in to a cafe for a cappuccino, and then head to the store as a last stop. I usually get home and get dinner prepped around the time Jimmy gets home. Now its his turn to relax while I make dinner. Then we settle in with our new best friend, Netflix, and watch a show or a movie. Then I read while Jimmy plays very violent sounding games until I tell him to go to bed.
And if it sounds old fashioned, it is.
But I am unemployed and I happen to love cooking. I love it. It is creative but mindless. And what’s even better, in the end you get something to eat (much better than architecture school, because usually I would end up with a crappy model to destroy and some drawings that a professor would mark up with red pen). And sometimes it isn’t the best, but usually its pretty darn good.
If I do say so myself. 

So anyway, last night we went on a real date night! Not just a drink or a quick dinner out. We got all bundled up for the rapidly dropping temperatures and headed out the door for a bite and a concert.
It is some sort of food week in Helsinki, and a select handful of restaurants are doing 10 euro deals for a set menu. If you have been following my constant gripping about the cost of living here, you will understand that this is awesome. It also means that Jimmy and I are going to do some restaurant bouncing this week and take the opportunity to try some new places. (But I also have a delicious butternut squash risotto coming down the line, so heads up for that later this week…)

We settled on a sushi bar next to the concert venue, and tried their 10 euro menu, despite the fact that we could not read what was included. In my opinion, sushi is a pretty risky place to wing it on a menu. But hey, we are just risky people I guess.
What we were delivered was a 14-piece plate of various simple sushi rolls and nigiri. I am happy to report that they were all delicious -we split a third plate- and that no one got sick.

 Then we headed off to the concert, waited in line, checked our coats, and settled into one of the last remaining spaces on a railing and waited for the show to start.
Aaaaaand then we kept waiting. And the DJ kept spinning. And we continued to wait.
You see, our tickets said 8 o’clock on them. We weren’t sure if this meant doors open or show starts. But we got in when the doors opened at 730 so, naturally, we assumed that the show would start at 8. By the time 930 rolled around, I was just really confused as to why they had even put 8pm on the ticket.
But alas the show started!

We were seeing Lindsay Stirling -a rock violinist from Provo, UT -in a standing room only mid-sized venue. We were not expecting either the turn out or the strong fan base as most of her popularity following her appearance on America’s Got Talent has been generated by YouTube videos. But people were really really jazzed. Jimmy has followed her for a while -she does a lot of covers from video game and Lord of the Rings scores -so this concert was his idea, and I was just along for the ride. But, in that one concert, she made a fan out of me!

She rocked super hard, played a ton of really high energy songs -mostly her originals -set to crazy flashing lights, video back drops and even some (kind of hoaky, but really ripped) back up dancers. I mean, she wasn’t just playing the violin. She was bouncing and dancing and doing lifts and entertaining us for about 2 hours.
She was really really fun to watch and we just had a blast!

…The only major downer was the dude in front of us with the nappy dread locks. I mean, dread locks look pretty cool on some people. If you want to voluntarily look dirty, go for it. Considering your peace-sign tattoo, I would expect nothing less. But please, if you are going to join society and partake in a social activity -particularly one that involved large crowds in small spaces -please please please but some oil or something in your hair. At least Febreeze. Because it smells. There is no way that a hair style that is created by being dirty does’t smell.

After the concert, we waited for the crowds to clear, took a long walk home until my (super sassy) heels could take no more, and polished off the night with the final episode of Orange is the New Black and some champagne.

Best date night ever? Yeah, probably.


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  1. Liz Harris
    October 6, 2014 at 3:44 pm (5 years ago)

    Love the bib necklace 😉


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