So the internet is up and running (kind of) and I am able to finally catch all you up on life here in Finland. Please also note the double post today with Foodie Friday.
The last 2 weeks, as you may imagine, have been crazy. Pick up and move. Find new apartment. Jimmy go back to work. Move into apartment. Buy hangers. Try to set up internet. Go to Ikea. Try to figure out grocery store. Buy move hangers. Blow fuse. Try internet again. Try grocery store again and don’t freak out this time. Try to fix fuse. Buy more hangers. Enjoy the city. Have maintenance guy fix fuse. More work, more laundry, more settling.
I feel like we might finally be settled.
We cooked in almost all week. Our messes are settling into their corners. We are establishing routines. And everything is hung up or found its place. We have sort of found our first home together. It’s the most stationary we have been for the last month, and the stability feels really good.
Here is a little peak at our little place:
Our apartment is approx. 720 sqft with what I am guessing are 12 foot ceilings. We rented it furnished and are really pleased that we didn’t spend the last week also building Ikea furniture. We have 2 sets of large bay windows that look across to the pink building across the street. We have a small entry way with a coat closet and a tiny chandelier.
Directly ahead, through a set of double doors, is our very large bedroom. We have –what we found- is the largest bed made in Europe. It’s a queen. Also 2 armoires, a Narnia closet and what was supposed to be a book shelf but is instead serving as a shoe rack. There is a large desk in front of the window with an antique chair. There is another set of double doors that leads to the living/dining room, which can also be accessed by turning right in the entry.
Because every bed in Finland should have a fur throw

The dining room has a large chandelier, awesome antique bar which is well equipped with various drinking vessels. We are also using it as our coffee bar because the counter space in the kitchen is limited.
 The galley-style kitchen is newly updated, equipped with a washing machine (yay!) and came stocked with dishes and pots and pans etc. Its small, but it is working out alright so far…

The bathroom is through the door right off the kitchen and has counter space, a washer/dryer and a shower that manages to get the whole bathroom wet when it is used.
Remarkably, everything fits into our closets. However, I am learning more and more each day how neurotic Jimmy is about organization. He wouldn’t hang up his last few shirts because “there wasn’t enough space.” Trust me, as a girl who has insisted on moving all of her clothes with her to college, a sorority house, and a little apartment, there’s space. But nooooo. Its like his shirts can’t come in contact with each other in the closet. Who knows, their plaids may bleed.
So in honor of our differences, here is a brief “His and Hers” section. Guess whose side is whose.

Jam packed or neatly folded?

Well there you have it. Our little home.
Our beautiful stairway: 4th floor and no lift!
More on the city later this weekend. We are headed to Estonia this evening and will be back on Saturday evening. We plan to take a picnic on Sunday and check out more of the city.
Happy Friday everyone!


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