They have a lot of holidays and days of remembrance here in Finland.

I have no idea what they all are, but I am always informed of them by the flags that appear all along every street on these days.

I walk out of the apartment and say “Huh, must be a holiday” and continue on with my life.

But then we got to talking about it. Where do these flags come from and how do they get there? It is not like back home, where some of the major streets will have some flags out on major holidays, and then homeowners set out their own flag as well. (We always had one for each holiday; turkey, Santa, Easter eggs….It was always a big deal to make sure the right one was up. We would all go outside with my dad and watch him don the house with a cheesy flag, just to let the street know that we were not kidding around about our holidays)

But no. There are literally thousands of them, every 40 feet, on every little street, in the whole city. And no body every sees them get hung up or taken down. No body. And it is every single named day ever created, like today: Children’s Day.

How the hell are they getting there?!

The answer is obvious. Its the only sensible way that they could all be getting there.

Finnish Flag Elves.

They sneak in at the wee hours of the morning, hundreds of them (maybe on reindeer-back, if you really want to get carried away in this…) and they hang up the flags, and then they are gone. In and out in a matter of minutes.

It is the only way.
This case is closed.


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