The other day, I insisted that we go watch the sunset.
#1, because it was mostly clear, so it would be possible to actually see it go down
#2, I love sunsets, and given the general overcast nature of Helsinki, its been a really long time since I had seen one
#3, It was a weekend, so Jimmy could come. Since the sun disappears around 3pm these days, Jimmy is always at work, so it would, otherwise, be a solo mission for me. And who wants to watch the sun set alone?? Fortunately we also had Leah along with us! 
We headed for the south-western side of the city for optimal viewing around 1pm-ish. Unfortunately we were there just a touch too early, and by the time we were done exploring and starting to become unbearably cold, the sun was still not on the horizon. 
We waited and waited, trying our best to ignore our fingers and toes, which had left the “numb” stage and moved towards “pain.” We made it pretty long, but when the wind picked up, we called it quits, and began a brisk walk back towards shelter. 
We still got some pretty awesome photos for you.
Unhappy about how cold it was…

 It looks like the snow and cold is here to stay. Everything is pretty well frozen, the streets are white and slick, and the sea is starting to freeze up in the bays. The snow has been falling, blowing, and dumping in intervals for the last few days, giving us a great excuse to stay in and exhaust our Netflix account.

Something tells me this is just the start. I’ll see you all when the snow thaws!


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