This weekend, Jimmy and I took a stop by the Helsinki Wine Food & Good Living Festival.

You will be surprised to hear, that we sampled our fair share of delicious wines from around the world.
You will also be surprised to hear that none of these wines were from Finland. Oddly enough, the Finnish climate is not ideal for growing grapes.
So they make vodka. And long drinks.

There is not much to say except that is was all delicious. We took the approach of asking the sommelier at each booth what they recommended. We let them give us their shpeal about the wine, and then we said “Great! I’ll try that one!”

I do remember loving one Bordeaux that was aged for a long time in oak barrels. It was awesome. Good enough for me to spend 2 tickets on it twice. (Each glass was about 1 ticket, bubbles were 2 and really nice stuff.)

So, for a lack of words, here are some fancy photos of wine:

I will have you know how hard I worked to get these photos.
I was juggling a wine glass in one hand and a very nice camera in another. With my coat and scarf hanging off my purse. It was a challenge.

If you were paying attention at the beginning, you will have noticed that is was also a “Food and Good Living” festival. I am not sure where the “Good Living” part was (maybe it was just the combination of good wine and free samples) but there was also a great food section. It was divided up by country. We stumbled upon the German section right after leaving the wine area, so naturally we went straight for the pretzels. Jimmy and I also left with a delicious selection of cheese, which ended up being our dinner, paired with more wine and Netflix.

Word to the wise traveler: Never miss food festivals. They are always excellent. Most cities take them very seriously. At least in Finland, it seems like they are trying to keep the citizens happy with festival after festival as the cold and dark winter creeps in over us; there was also a Beerfest and a Beer & Whiskey Festival this weekend.


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