It’s a double post kind of a day!

A week ago, a group of us decided to take a ski trip up to Himos, one of the ski hills in the area.
…in the area, being 3 hours away. Coming from Idaho and Utah, we are spoiled with having world class ski resorts within a short drive of our front doors. 
Either way, it sounded like a fun outing. Most of the group rented a cabin up there to make a weekend of it, but Jimmy and I wanted to stay at home that night, so we opted for the round trip bus package.We left the central station at 730am, were given out lift passes on the bus, and a discount on ski rentals. The bus left for Helsinki again at 530 pm. 
Long day.
Not too bad when you sleep most of the way up. Which we did.
Really not bad when the skiing is killer.Which is wasn’t. 
This is Finland, a relatively flat country. I think most people assume it is more mountainous considering its proximity to Sweden and Norway. But it isn’t. Its just cold and dark like Sweden and Norway. This hill had a vertical on 151 meters, to give you an idea. We saw cross country skiers at the top
Warming Huts

 Both Jimmy and I laughed a little when we pulled into the bunnyhill sized resort. But we were still really excited! We love skiing together and it had been a really long time since we had. Before we started dating, we skied together almost every weekend. His family would pick me up on their way up to Bogus Basin in Boise, and drop me off in the evening. Later, when we were dating, we still went skiing most weekends with friends. Some of my best high school memories are from those trips!

So by the time we were geared up and on the first “lift”, it was nearly 11am.
This hill has around 15 lifts. Two of those have chairs. The rest are two-person T-bars. 
It takes about 3 minutes to get up the hill, and a good 30 seconds to get down. 
So, by the time we stopped for lunch around 1pm, we had done all of the runs on the main part of the hill about 4 times, zig zagged over to the farthest point on the mountain, and back. And we were having a blast! It was bright and sunny, the fake snow was pretty soft on top, and it was really fun to get back on those skis. Plus the 2 abreast T-bar situation made for some great conversation between runs.
The T-bars. At some points, cat tracks crossed over the lift track, creating some real potential for disaster. 
After lunch, we continued, up and down and up and down. We mainly stayed on the main 4 person chairlift, making repeated runs on the less busy side with some of our group.
Then the weather started to turn and we got a little bored and cold. The last run, neither of us could see, as we were wearing sunglasses instead of goggles.  
Unfortunately our bus didn’t leave for over another hour.
But that is what lodges are for. 
Return the equipment, sit in the lodge, hyhdrate, drink hot chocolate, consider getting fries….
Finally we left as the snow turned to a storm for a long trek back. 
By the time we were back in Helsinki, Jimmy had a raging head ache and I was hungry. So we ordered Chinese, I sent him home and waited for it to come out, and we ate take-out Chinese in front of the couch and slept in very late.
And all was good in the world.


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