Roll over in the morning, open your eyes.

Bright as day.

“Jimmy, did your alarm go off?!?”

Check the phone: 5 am.

These photos were taken around 10-10:30 pm last Thursday

As of sometime last month, we stopped experiencing any time in the night that is darker than Astronomical Twilight.
Yeah, I had to look that up too…
That means that the sun never dips farther than 18 degrees below the horizon.
Which means it is light here. A lot. And it is getting worse (or better?)

Today, the sun rose at 5:05 am and will set at 9:30 pm. That is a total of 16 hours and 25 minutes of day light.
Which gives us only 2 hours and 29 minutes of almost-full-dark-but-not-really Astronomical Twilight. The rest of the 6 hours and 6 minutes are spent in other twilight hours.

Here is a fun little website that shows it all!
Date & Time

This is Finland making up for all the sunlight it deprived us of during the winter.
Over those gloomy months, we begged, pleaded, and searched for sunlight. There were times that I thought I would lose my mind if I did not see or feel a golden ray from that sun.

“Mr. Sun, please come out and play.”
“Please, Sunshine? Just for a second. For me??”
“Ok, listen, you sonofabitch, get the hell out here now or I am going to lose it.”

So now we start entering into the maddeningly light time of year.
I keep delaying dinner, thinking it is too early to eat. All of the sudden, its 7:30 and I haven’t even started.

And then its time to go to bed, and the last glimpses of the sunset are still gleaming off the silver rooftops.

Or there are the weekends, when you cannot wait to sleep in. Like last weekend, when we were out late celebrating with the city for Vappu (more on that later), but the sun got over its hangover first and came in my window at 5:30. I popped up like a daisy before I could stop myself!

Unfortunately, we will be in the States over Midsummer -the summer solstice- this year, when these sun effects are at their peak, because it really would be awesome to see. That being said, I am sure I will enjoy plenty of late nights at the bar, where you walk in at sunset and come back out a few hours later to the sunrise.

This is just another one of the beautiful, unique glories that comes with living in Finland!


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