Aside from adventuring this weekend, here’s what else we did:

We ate well. (Dont know why the photo is distorted….

This, ladies and gents, is the Scofield Special. Scofield is a small little town in Utah where Jimmy’s family has a cabin. We were introduced to this glorious mess by out great friends, Liz and Will. Will’s family also has a cabin in Scofield and this is their breakfast special there. We would always make it in the condos at formals, trips, etc. It is a sure cure to a hang over and is one of the only dishes I have actually seen Jimmy mush all together.
Start with a layer of hash browns. Then a layer of cheddar cheese. Next comes the bacon. Top it off with 2 eggs over easy. Now mash it all up and let the yolks and cheese make everything all delicious.
Sound weird? Try it this weekend and let me know what you think then (hang over not required.)

Jimmy finally got a hair cut.

We also went to a hockey game with another couple from Jimmy’s work. It was a really fun evening! We started with a beer and pretzel at a local establishment who was celebrating Oktoberfest. (The pretzel seems to be the only thing for free.99 here…) then hopped the tram out of town and ended up at the stadium in 20 minutes or so.

Our seats sat behind the goalie, and fortunately it was a high scoring game, so we got to see some excitement!
What is so funny and different from our culture of spectator sports, is that there was no drinking inside the arena. However, you could drink in designated areas in the concourse. So, quite literally, and exodus occurred in between periods, wherein the entire stadium emptied to the beer zones, and then returned for game play.
It sounds odd, but really, it kept people from getting hammered in their seats. If they managed to get enough beer to get crazy, they weren’t watching the game and they had to pass by the game security people to get back in. And, honestly, I didn’t mind. Even so, we saw two people get ejected. This is the land of hockey, people. Its intense enough without booze.

Helsinki’s team, Jokerit (Like, the Joker, pronounced Yo-ker-eet) won 4-2 in a very fast paced game and, to my dismay, with little fighting on the ice. Seriously, that’s the main point of a hockey game.
But at least they had cute go-go dancers that alternate between the aisles and their little platform. They were sort of like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but more like a high school drill team.

OK, now that I have bombarded you with 3 posts, look for a post on our honeymoon and -if I get the pictures soon- our fantastic wedding!


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  1. Liz Harris
    September 30, 2014 at 3:12 pm (5 years ago)

    Yay for Scofield Specials!!!


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