Jimmy should have taken his rain coat to work. And I should not have taken my computer to a cafe with me.

The thought of sitting at a cafe and working on your own personal stuff is fantastic. Its being in public while also doing something personal. You order your warm beverage, sit down, and tuck in to your emails, your blog, your book or newspaper. If you look around, everyone is in their own world, but all sharing the same space. You could put a big thought bubble over a cafe and endlessly fill it up.

But yesterday was not the best day to do that. When I left, it was sprinkling and was forecasted to continue all day. I took some of Jimmy’s shirts to the dry cleaner,  and found a lunch buffet place to sit down. I was originally looking for a coffee shop, which I had read was one of the best in town (finally, because the rest of the coffee tastes like dirt) but I couldn’t find it, so I got sucked into a funky, dimly lit restaurant. They were serving their lunch buffet -a standard in Helsinki- and it looked warm and cozy and, most importantly, dry. The chairs on the booth side were plywood benches with brightly colored pillows, and I spied some hearty bread next to a bowl of soup.
“Table for one?”
Thank you for pointing that out; yes please. 
Needless to say, I got sucked in to the food, and not the computer. I did some emailing on my phone between bites and left an hour and a half later.

Oh and found the coffee shop next door. Small sign, in my defense.
At this point it was raining a lot harder.

I ducked into a market to grab ingredients for dinner. Found all but one.
Two stores later and halfway across town, I found it.
Then I missed the tram that would get me home faster.

When it is raining in movies, the down trodden protagonist always gets sprayed by a car driving by.
Guess what?
That happens in real life too.

So soaking wet and laden with 2 nights worth of food (and baking supplies for cookies), I finally got home and pulled out my computer to pull out my recipe.
Water damage.
I had thought it was safely dry in my bag. I had strategically placed it among the groceries to stay dry.
It works, but the screen is a little damp. I am hoping it dries out, but for now, I am on Jimmy’s computer. And I am not allowed to take it anywhere.

So the frustrating day got wetter and worst hour by hour.
But don’t worry, I made it better. The answer was Spicy Thai Curry Coconut soup. Creamy, spicy, and super easy to make. Gluten free, vegetarian. But you can easily add chicken, mushrooms, whatever you want to it. I added extra ginger and curry paste. And red pepper flakes. Find the recipe here

Perfect for rainy days. Warms you up all over and all was at least a little big better.
Fingers crossed that my computer decided to dry up too.


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