It feels very very odd to be away from your family in a time of loss. You want to be there to help, even if it is just to make a casserole or give a hug.

Unfortunately, this post is a few days overdue, but it took us a few days to touch base with Jimmy’s family.

On October 16, Jimmy’s maternal grandmother passed on after a long and full life.
Her full obituary can be read at this link.
Mary Ann Valentine Mueller

My mother-in-law is being entirely strong and positive through this time, as is consistent with her character as mother of 3 successful children. She is an absolute champ, who has been caring for her parents with love and compassion.  We are truly saddened to not be able to be there with her and their family during this time.

Sending so much warm love from cold Finland to you, Mary, and your family. Our prayers will be with you and Mary Ann.


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