Hello Lovelies,

How are is your new year starting out? I hope that it is off with a bang and the hopeful expectations of the new year are still with you!

This week, I started working out consistently again.

I hurt – a lot – but I am feeling better. I’ve pushed myself up to 5 mile runs almost every day, but it is pretty hard to get outside in the morning and run when it is as cold and slick as it is. Fortunately, I have witnessed a few beautiful sunrises, which has been the motivation to get out the door by 830-9.

More over, I am trying to focus on working out because I love my body, not because I dislike it. It is counter intuitive to most people -especially women -so its been a change in mindset, but I am liking it.

 I also started my class this week!
Sewing 101, basically. Only once a week. It sounds super domestic, but it is not Home Ec.
It is basically a social group of immigrants where we have sewing machines and a quirky Finnish woman to offer us guidance or -more likely -fix the machine when we break it.

We were each to pick a project to work on each week when we come in. When I asked the instructor-lady (don’t know her name) if the pattern I had chosen was reasonable, she said that it “depended on my nature.” As in, if I was meticulous enough. I assured her that I pay attention to details.
So I am sewing a stuffed bunny for my coming nephew- due just after my birthday in May! It is going to be adorable, assuming I do not mess up his little face.

Secretly, I am hoping to finish this guy up in the next few sections so I can have the instructor help me learn how to do clothing. I am sensing a blush over coat joining my wardrobe soon….

I also left the class with two new friends! They are two hilarious women who are also in Finland for their husbands’ work. One is Indian, the other is Israeli. They met at a Finnish language class -which they despise -and were very welcoming to me. After class, they invited me to go shopping around the small ‘center’ in the area (my class is in Espoo, a quick bus ride outside the city). I was just so excited, I couldn’t say no! They were so funny and nice and I love shopping with girl friends. I came home from class with all smiles. It feels good to have made friends on my own, not by default of who I am around that speaks English.

Otherwise, business as usual out here. Design work, cooking and cleaning during the day.
…minus the fact that our washing machine kicked the bucket. It wont drain properly, so Jimmy and I are strapped with crunchy clothes for the next little while until it is repaired/replaced.

That’s it for the check in, stick around for a longer post that I am slowly working on later this week.

Happy Thursday!


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