Today, Jimmy got a new toy for our apartment.

We went into Giganti -the Finnish form of Best Buy -to find a monitor for our desk. He says its to help me work with the graphics programs for my upcoming projects. Really, its for him, so he can have a super computer and watch silly video game videos. Sigh, Boys…. Anyway. We walked in searching for a 24″ monitor and left with a 27″.

Jimmy is pretty proud of himself.

But don’t you worry folks. Lake any good wife, I know how to come out even in deals.

He may have ended the day with an over-sized computer screen, but I left with new mixing bowls, a yoga mat and a Pilates ball. Married life is exciting. 

…And that pretty much sums up our lives. Electronic gadgets for him, cooking and work out toys for me. Yay! We all win.

A key to a successful marriage: learn to bargain.

….oh and I got some new swimsuits. For New Year resolution goals motivation, of course!


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