The last few weeks have been….trying.

About the same day that the running water in our apartment was halted, my computer suffered a serious break down. It took Jimmy, my techno-savy hubby, 3 days to fix it. I got a good 4 days of solid work out of it and it started doing the same thing. What’s better is that his started doing the same thing. Something to do with the Windows 10 software upgrade that was rendering our internet usage useless, despite a full connection.

Then our friend Gabby came into town and we spent the weekend at a techno-concert series in Helsinki while staying in a friend’s apartment. That Sunday we moved to our permanent-temporary apartment.

Then Gabby and I left for our trip and Jimmy went back to work. He also managed to fix both computers.

So we are back. Whew.

Hopefully less long absences in the mean time.

I have lots of posts lined up for you, but I also need to stock the kitchen (Jimmy’s been here a whole week and there is only butter and milk in the fridge) as well as transport my stuff over here.

Oh, and work.

So….stand by. Something will be coming your way.


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