I am certain that I have mentioned how much I love our neighborhood before. 
But it is just so hard to explain exactly how much. 
It is perfect. I love it. I can run to the store –which used to mean jump in the car and drive, but now has a more literal meaning– and be back in 2 minutes. 
I can be running on the windy Baltic in a few seconds. 
I can be in Helsinki’s city center in less than 10 minutes. 
So to illustrate just how awesome our set up is, I threw this little illustrative map together for your viewing pleasure!
It is-obviously- a map by numbers. Let me go through it with you!

1: Our apartment!
Gosh, isn’t it the cutest?!
There we are on the 4th floor, #25, with a door that even has our names on it!
2: The darling little flower shop next door
There are about 3 of these cute flower shops within the vicinity of this map, but this is the closest one. They sell anything from wreaths to tulips to boquets to cute little garden statues. I love seeing the fresh flowers in the windows while I walk through the snow!
(Just beyond this on the map, there is a chocolate shop, a German restaurant, and a well known dinner-club style Finnish place, and an Alko)
3: Kasak Russian Restaurant
We have not eaten here, but I am dying to. Apparently the food is average, but I am not really concerned about that; it has the greatest decor inside! The darkly papered walls are covered in oil portraits of heavy set women and even heavier mustached men. The old wooden chairs sit upright in front of multi-wine glass table settings. It just looks so…Russian! It being, literally, next door, I see it all the time and I love the warm glow it puts out on the street.
4: K Market
Standard, mini grocery. Most of the time, you can find everything you need between these places. Plus, there is a cute blonde check out guy there. I am not sure who does the majority of the checking out, if you catch my drift. 😉
5: Doi Thai
Jimmy and I finally went to dinner here this weekend, when my hangover called for Pad Thai. I would not say it is the best Thai I have had, but it certainly hit the spot! Bonus: they are open on Sundays, and are just a block away. Its nice to have little places to eat in the neighborhood!
6: Alepa
Another little grocery and the one I go to most often. The cute girl at the checkout remembers I do not speak Finnish, which is sweet.
7: Rudolfo’s
Local Italian eats! We went here our first week in town and it was very good and pretty authentic. We still need to go back to try the lasagna that the people next to us had! Plus they offer half size portions of everything. It is a small, fine dining, mom and pop type of a place.
8: SOL
Dry cleaning. Notable only because walking around with a bunch of freshly dry-cleaned clothes is both awkward and risky, considering the mostly wet and frozen climate. I like that I do not have to go too far.
9: Anton & Anton
My favorite grocer. Think Whole Foods in a small corner store. Their butchers are always very knowledgeable and helpful. Their salmon and chicken is actually quite affordable, so I just buy that and fresh bread here. Everything else is pretty spendy.
10: Ask
Another place we have not been- and for a good reason. This set-course, single seating restaurant has found its way to the #1 spot for restaurants in Helsinki on TripAdvisor. The meal will put you out around 150 euro per person, if you include the wine pairings. From what we hear, it is mainly pomp, but worth a special occasion at some point. We will see about that….It certainly smells good every time we pass.
11: Tram
This is our closest tram stop. Only 2 lines run by here, but they make a quick trip to the major squares. We tend to walk everywhere anyway, but occasionally, it is a good cheat.
12: Senate Square/ Uspenski Cathedral
Helsinki’s most famous landmark is just a 6 minute walk from our apartment. It hosts most major activities -like the major Christmas Market and New Years Celebration. I walk through it nearly everyday, depending on my route. It is really beautiful and a wonderful hub for people watching, restaurants, and cafes.

Left off of the map are the 3 pizza places in out little neighborhood. We have tried them all and found our favorite, just on the corner where the dry cleaner is. Also, you can see an indicator for the local post office. Handy to have nearby, otherwise our letters would never get out.

So there you have a little virtual tour of our darling neighborhood. We love it. We love coming home to it. It is the perfect spot for our first home together.

We can’t wait to show it off to our visiting friends and families! Who is coming next?!


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