So, first of all, let me say that this is generally not our thing.

But a big thing over here in the short summer is to enjoy it to the max and go to a huge outdoor concert series.

One of the series has some bigger name hip bands that neither Jimmy or I know or care about. The other festival, Weekend Festival (clever name, huh?) is a techno-rave concert with a mix of small and large name artists.

(large names including David Guetta, Hardwell, Infected Mushroom, Robin Schulz, Showtek, Armin Van Buren, Avicii, Darude -Sandstorm, anyone? and Martin Garrix)

So we figured-if you don’t know the music, may as well be a dance concert, yeah? Plus, when in Europe, you have to get your techno rave on, right? Plus, the hubbs is kind of a nerd and loves this stuff. And he is even more of a pyromanic, so light shows and the promise of fireworks sold him on it.

So we lined up Gabby’s visit with the weekend of the concert and coughed up for VIP tickets, not knowing exactly what it got us.

Turns out, it got us a shorter security line, private bathrooms and bars, tables and chairs, and a reserved section right of the stage, if you needed a break from the mob. Oh and a goody bag and coat check.

So, Gabby and I put on our festival clothes (complete with flower corwn because, when else can you, eh?) and I made Jimmy purchase two casual and funky t-shirts for the occasion. And off we went, psycing ourselves up with fist pumping and “unz-unz-unz“-ing.

It is really hard to explain this festival; the sheer mass of humanity, the music literally trying to throw off your heart palpitations, the strobes practically inducing seizures, the timed lasers and fireworks, the exploding streamers… know what, I think the pictures will do it best.

VIP Section
Jimmy stole the GoPro
Bring a date for a better view













Can you see the flying Confetti??



From the Weekend Instagram. It looked and felt exactly like this
This taken from one of the 5 drones that were constantly flying. It gives you an idea of just how many people were there!
This taken from one of the 5 drones that were constantly flying. It gives you an idea of just how many people were there!


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