Its Friday, everyone! Put on your party pants!

No really, go find a pair of brightly colored cover-alls.
Go all out 1993 on this one, and think 98 degrees or Beastie Boys, or maybe even Nascar, if you are into that.

Now go raid craft shops of all of their iron-on patches and attach them all to your new coveralls.

Perfect! Now you fit in to the Finland college scene. Congrats!

No but really. These coveralls are a thing. From what we have gathered from local sources, they are worn out to party by university students. The different colors of pants indicate different disciplines in school.
(ie: Nursing, Business, Education, etc etc…)
The patches, we are still trying to figure out. From one source we were told that they are indications of achievements. Drinking achievements. From another source, we were told that they are sponsors. Not sure if they sponsor the drinking, the college, or the pants. But we are hoping that they are actually the former, because that would mean that these pant-coverall things are a fusion of varsity jackets and girl scout patches. Which is awesome.

I have been creepy-stalking these kids in the evening trying to get proper photos of the pants. It is hard to explain, because they usually travel in large pods of 5-15 kids. But at last, we found where pants of all colors of the rainbow congregate at night: McDonald’s. Of course, why didn’t we think of this?! And I got a creepy stalker photo of some of the pants there.

As you can imagine, my awesome husband is fervently trying to figure out how he can get his hands on a pair of these things. He is hoping he can challenge some one to a drink off or something. Surprisingly, I am actually in full support of this.

Best souvenir ever.

So get out there is Friday nights, and put your party pants on!


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  1. Liz Harris
    October 3, 2014 at 8:44 pm (5 years ago)

    So… this is crazy! I am wondering what they are made of. Because some of them look like parachute pants, or like rain coat pants, some look like snow pants, and some look like scrubs. Nevertheless these are so weird.
    Amy: stay away from these they look scary, Jimmy: go at it brotha!


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