So I still owe y’all the third installment of our Germany trip.

Buut in the interest of taking a break from the long winded posts and also just getting something up here, I figured I would report on the bits and pieces of spring that have been teasing us here.

A typical 7 day forecast with hover between low 40’s and low 50’s with at least 30% (usually 70-80%) chance of rain everyday except maybe one. We have had some gorgeously clear days with warm sun, but they are always interrupted by cold, gale force winds coming off of the Baltic.

It is actually quite frustrating. Spring weather is so close, I can almost touch it.

This week, however, almost out of nowhere, lavender crocuses spread across green lawns, birds began singing, and boats returned to the harbors. My daily run has slowly become more enjoyable, with new pond-side cafes opening up and more and more people enjoying long, social walks.

This weekend, Jimmy and I set out to one of these cafes, which I have been dying to go to since I first found it this winter. If it wasn’t for the teapot hanging outside, I would have never thought of it as anything other than a large tool shed. However, I eventually noticed the coffee machines in the windows and just a week ago, they dusted off their patio furniture and opened up their barn doors to long lines of Finns seeking yet another caffeine break.

This little shed sits on the top of a hill along with a number of shabby, run down Victorian buildings. They look over two small lakes created by an inlet from the Baltic. As it turns out, there used to be a large number of these residences in the area until the rail line blasted through the hill to gain access into the city center. The few that remain are still in danger but house, from what I can tell, everything from residences to small offices. They are much loved by many local people, who cherish the charming pastel painted ladies presiding over Lake Toolo. Today, there is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the tracks from one small inlet lake to the other, each lined with pathways and well maintained greenery, just outside the city center and only a 1.5 mile run from our front door.
We took the lovely walk over the hill and through the tracks to the coffee house (we go), ordered cappuccinos and a sweet, and snagged a table right next to the picket fence. It wasn’t until we were sitting there that I could fully appreciate the cliff that we were on-it really is quite a vantage.

And a practically perfect place for an afternoon break. I think it may become a regular stop for me. Between the breeze, the cawing seagulls and the not-on-the-diet peanut butter cupcake, it made for a pleasant stop.
Sadly, the swans we not gliding over the lake that day, as they usually do, which took just a touch of whimsy out of the occasion. Can’t win ’em all.

My Swan friend, who I always say hello to on my runs. 


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