I really have been the worst, haven’t I? Unfortunately, nothing from this weekend is report worthy, unless you count too many Bloody Mary’s and a day spent crafting. You see, come to find out, I married Mr Scrooge. The real deal. Hates festive things and all that. He has given me a sad budget for use in our Christmas decorating while we are abroad (provided that I get to have a bit of a spree once we are state-side). So I have been crafting a lovely Christmas display for our mantel. …which required me to move the mirror from over the couch. Which lead me to re position the couch. And then the chair. And the rest of the owner’s wall art. So as you can see, I have been quite busy here. Not to mention that I have also spent endless hours desperately trying to locate black and white striped ribbon. In the states, it is easy to find. I have exhauster very fabric, craft and even fashion shop in the city to no avail. But it is crucial to my display! Once you see, you will understand. Otherwise, I have been cooking delicious food- including but not limited to Coq au Vin and my first attempt at mussels. Both were a success and I am one step closer to being Julia Child. Or maybe Martha Stewart, considering the craft level. I have also committed myself to a sewing class starting in January. It is for immigrant (aka English speaking) beginners and focuses on interior decoration-type projects. I am crazy excited. No more drooling over beautiful fabrics; now I get to make my ideas come to life! For now, Jimmy is excited for me but we will see what he thinks when we have new drapes, a new duvet, 6 table runners, chair slip covers, couch covers and throw pillows…. Also, we are trying to take a trip to a few small towns in Germany in the winter, so I have been hacking through those details as well. So between my new projects and the stomach bug we have both had, I have come up completely dry on blog posts! Hopefully I will have photos of the Christmas display by tomorrow as well as trip details and more wall art I am working on. The Newlyfleds are still here! I promise! Just hold on for us!


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