Total radio silence this week… 

Beautiful Helsinki this weekend. Our apartment is approx 2 blocks behind the white building with the turret. 
I am afraid I was quite distracted between my new projects (details to follow) and going through nearly 1500 wedding photos. I am sure most of you have seen them on social media, but look for a nauseatingly adorable post on here about the wedding and how perfect it was and blah blah blah. 
Until then, I will entertain you with the rather uneventful weekend we had. 
Friday night began, as usual, with me meeting Jimmy and his co-workers at a bar for what is usually supposed to be one but generally ends up being about 3 rounds of beer. By the time everyone came to the conclusion that we needed to eat, Jimmy and I had decided pizza and a movie sounded ideal. 
In the end, we ended up with the pizza, and our entertainment was Jimmy’s co-workers battling over how to order from the delivery pizza places and what to get at another friend’s apartment just a few doors down from our own. We didn’t end up with food until nearly midnight so the movie was directly out of the picture and instead settled for sleep.
…because the boys had all decided that we would be meeting for 11 am mimosas on Saturday morning.
We had an unsuccessful run at biscuits and gravy in the morning. Well, my part -the biscuits- came out well. Jimmy’s role -the gravy- ended up more like glue. He has and can make good gravy, but we can’t find any sausage out here that isn’t the consistency of a frankfurter, so it lacked an essential ingredient. But hey, if bouncy congealed meat is your thing, Finland is your place. 
So, thinking that no one would be on time, we arrived at the specified location (“On the hill under the brown church” -what is it with guys and giving great directions? there are 3 distinctive brick (which they call ‘brown’) churches in the city center) with 2 bottles of champagne and enough orange juice for a splash here and there. 
We found that a group of 7 people (2 more joined shortly after to make 11 total) had already established a factory-like mimosa distribution system, with bottles of champagne lined up and a variety of juices available. They were meticulously mixed in a carafe (first champagne, then OJ, and a splash of grapefruit) and then passed around. With 11 people and one carafe, it was a constant assembly line of sorts: Champagne. OJ. Grapefruit. Swirl. Pass, pass, pass. Repeat.

Eventually, we ran out of bubbles before juice, and counted 10 bottles to the 11 people, then opted for the nearest person’s apartment for a restroom break.
Which of course, turned into a stop for long drinks and more pizza. Why is it that drinking leads to more drinking and it always ends with terrible pizza?
We are coming up on Canadian Thanksgiving, and with there being such a strong presence of Canadians at this particular projects, we were obliged to watch a terrible Canadian movie from the early 1980s, Strange Brew, while enjoying (kind of) our second round of pizza in the last 24 hours. 

So I hope you can guess what happens next.
Day drinking is always followed by a nap. 
The nap was supposed to be followed by me cooking smoked salmon soup for some guys, but seeing as we didn’t wake up until nearly 7, and most of the stores were closed, it became a quiet night in.
I tasked Jimmy to clean the kitchen from our breakfast catastrophe while I went and hunted for food. What I came back to was an even bigger mess than what I left….
Dishes filled with water all along the counter. The sink completely full of murky water. And then Jimmy, sweet lovely Jimmy, pathetically scrubbing pushing soap around a dish. He looked at me sadly and said that the sink was clogged. 
..I think he learned not to put glue-gravy down the sink without a disposal again. And then he also learned the finish brand of Drain-o. 
After pizza on pizza on beer on champagne on long drinks, a massive salad with grilled chicken and roasted beets was a much needed nutritional decision.
And then I did my best to get Jimmy hooked on BBC’s Sherlock series. He isn’t hooked, but he did chose to watch the following 2 episodes today….
Sunday was, as always, a really nice catch up day.
Jimmy requested pancakes, while I was considering the grapefruits I had just picked up. But then I remembered that I also had chocolate chips and ripe bananas and all thoughts of a healthy breakfast went out the window. 
Jimmy, of course, went for the boring plain pancakes.
Mine, however, were delicious.

I also tried to make a Grapefruit-brule, which didn’t work. Once I actually get it to work, I will post it here. 
Buuut anyway. We then geared up for a walk outside. It was warm and not raining today (a first this week) and only necessitated a down vest and a wool coat without a scarf and gloves! Hooray for fall in Finland!
We found ourselves by the Market Square, which is down by the docks, so named because it is where fishermen could sell their catches from their boats. These days, it is lined with stalls for tourists who disembark close by from their cruise ships for their day in Helsinki. 
Lured by some pop-up structures and the smells of fresh fish’n’chips, we took a pit stop to try fresh herring (bones and scales and all) fish’n’chips from a food truck. Really, I sampled it but Jimmy ate it. I had the fries, which had been sprayed with (we think) malt vinegar and salted. Pretty delish. 

There were a large amount of wooden masted ships parked on the docks, left over from the herring festival that ended today. The were open for touring, and so we walked around and checked them out.

Then we continued up the Esplanad, which is a beautiful park, lined with large deciduous trees and Parisian style cafes and all the most expensive stores in Helsinki. Eventually we stopped for a coffee, tried on some down jackets for me, and meandered our way through Stockman’s (the large swanky department store) overwhelming crazy-days sale (think black Friday, sustained over the whole week).
Tired and overwhelmed at this point, we settled in for tomato soup and grilled cheese sammies, a Skype with the Bertelsens and an episode of Sherlock.
This week, look for a wedding post and some more interesting adventures. I am going to a ladies book club (for a book I have not read) and meeting a friend of a professor who seems to be very exciting!
Nighty night, y’all.


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