After our tragic travel day, Jimmy and I pulled into the Boise Airport around 9pm on Father’s Day Sunday (our bags made the standby flight, though we did not). We dropped the car off there, picked up our bags, and met my parents, who swapped us a car to use for the week.
After some long and tearful hugs, we made for my in-laws’ house. We pulled up their street as the sun was setting behind a gloriously large American Flag, and it felt good to be back in Idaho. Jimmy’s little brother Gray is the best and had stayed late this evening to see us one more time before driving back to Utah for work early the next morning, so we spent the next little while with him before he hit the road.
Jimmy’s parents live just outside of Boise, on a beautiful piece of land overlooking Boise city and the surrounding valley. They keep chickens, tend a beautiful garden, produce hay, have outdoor rodent-eating cats, and host fun bonfires in their cauldron. Therefore, I lovingly call it “The Farm.”
We decided to spend the first week in town with them, after which I would move to my parents’ house after Jimmy went back to Helsinki.
During our stay, we spent the days hanging out around the house, lounging in their new hammock, playing with the cats and enjoying a beautiful Boise summer. I spent one afternoon completely frustrated and overwhelmed in Winco (The huge carts! The wide aisle! All the people! Get me back to Helsinki and my corner stores!) I had a bit of a gardening lesson from Jimmy’s mom, and learned about picking all sorts of veggies -and then went along harvesting greens for our dinner salad, peas for a snack, and rhubarb for cocktails. I felt so cool! I had breakfast with my mom and sisters the first morning so I could officially meet my nephew and spent a separate afternoon getting my hair and nails done with them.
Thursday was busy because we had family photos for my side in the morning and Tommy’s baptism in the afternoon (these to be detailed in separate posts).
 Every evening, after enjoying an open day, we all met up for a fun Boise activity. It was so great to be booked out all week, because we did every awesome thing to do in Boise in the summer in the span of a week! What is even better is how much we enjoy each others’ families, so it was exactly what we wanted to do!
Monday night, we all went to watch Boise’s baseball farm team, The Hawks, play baseball. It was an “All you can Eat” night before the 6th inning, so we stuffed our faces with hot dogs, Basque sausages, and sweet potato fries for the first little bit. Then we settled in and enjoyed the game!
My dad came with us, as well, which was a great “make-up” for missing Father’s Day the night before. Plus, after raising 3 girls, I think he was ecstatic to go to a game with a family that knows a thing or two about it- as Jimmy played from T-ball through high school.

Tuesday night we did one of my all time favorite Boise activities: The Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Set back on the beautiful Boise River, the cottonwood-lined stage is small and intimate. With seating options that range from boxes to lawn, there is not a single bad seat in the house. Over a picnic and wine on the grass, we saw an excellent performance of The Tempest, with just enough comic relief along side the dramatic monologues.
Wednesday night, we made for downtown to watch an Irish band at Alive after Five, an event where beer and food vendors line an outdoor plaza and a live band plays. This is Boise at its finest, with people of all ages out to enjoy the perfect summer; kids playing in fountains, parents catching up over a local brew, the crazy people dancing in the front. After a beer and a while listening to music, we tried out an Indian restaurant down the street. It came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. Opting for family style, we passed around steaming trays of curries and rices, judging them eash in turn and picking our favorites.
On the way home, we stopped for the ultimate diet-busting frozen custard before heading back to the farm to enjoy the evening view.
(one of these nights, we watched a fire march across a small mountain in the valley, but I am not sure which night)
Thursday night was the baptism, for a later post.
Friday was Jimmy’s last night in town, so we had a good old fashioned home dinner that ended with s’mores by the cauldron. My parents came out to join us and say goodbye to Jimmy, as well. Dinners at the Bertelsen’s house are always full of home grown goodness, great conversation, and plenty of laughter. I started going to dinners at their house nearly ten years ago, and they were always my favorite. Everyone sat down, said grace, and they caught up as a family. Mary is always being a great mom and hostess by accommodating everyone (and rarely sitting down) and Steve is always teasing me or telling good stories. Jimmy is generally pretty quiet except for his ready laughter. Gray, who wasn’t there this weekend, is usually the life at the table, but Katrina is starting to give him a run for his money as she usually has great stories and quick humor. I have never not enjoyed a meal with that family.
In the morning, we finished packing and went to breakfast at a favorite local diner, Eddy’s, for JImmy’s last American breakfast. Then we dropped him off, waved goodbye, and he was off.


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  1. Mary
    August 10, 2015 at 5:22 am (5 years ago)

    Beautiful pix Amy, and delightful capture of the week. Thanks for the kind words!


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