I landed back in Helsinki last Thursday. Today I finally slept until 7am.
Hopefully I can push through the day without a nap and finally be back on Finland time.

This time around, the jet lag felt more like a full on travel hang-over.
I was only back in the states for a month, but in that time, we were in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Boise, and then I went up to McCall, Idaho after Jimmy came back to Helsinki to continue bread winning.

My long list of things I was supposed to get done still stands with only three things crossed off (one of which I added after the fact just so I could cross it off…) and not one blog post has been checked off.

I have a zillion things to post about from our trip, and I need to do so before we start traveling again here in a few weeks. So look forward to a full barrage of posts this coming week- maybe even one per day (gasp!)

But to start off with, I want to thank everyone that I spoke with who gave me such positive feedback about this here blog!
I honestly had no idea that most of you were following along. To me, the extent of my readers were my family, my mother’s book club, and some friends (and of course, Kelly, you faithful follower, you!)
Please please please, if you are a regular reader of The Newlyfleds Blog, or even if you drop in from time to time, find your way to the right side of this screen and click one of the many follow options. You can subscribe by email, or any number of online accounts. I prefer that you “Join this Site” above the list of my current 4 followers, so that I know who is joining us on this little journey. This will really help me to know who I am writing for and, therefore, how to gear my posts and what to write.
Also, don’t be a stranger! Shoot me a few comments here and there on the posts you like and hate, give some suggestions on what you would like to see!

So. This week, look forward to a bunch of posts on our tour of the States. There is a LOT of material.

For now, enjoy some photos from our weekend here in Helsinki.

 Between naps/rainstorms, we made it out to Kaivopuisto (a big central park) on the opposite side of the city from our apartment. The weather was so nice that Jimmy went out without a jacket and I was able to wear a dress without tights and my lovely tan trench coat -all of which is a big deal around here. We sat at a darling place lined with cafe tables and canvas beach chairs and enjoyed a longkero by the sea.  As we were sitting there, we kept seeing all of these massive and delicious looking ice cream cones walk by in the hands of very happy looking people. Obviously, we had to get some ice cream for the walk back.

Other than that; slow weekend. On Sunday, we went out for some window shopping and groceries, and found our selves eating pork gyros from our favorite food truck and watching an archery tournament in the main square of the city. Not too shabby.

Back with more as quickly as my fingers can tap the keyboard!

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    July 20, 2015 at 6:43 pm (5 years ago)

    YAY for new blogs!!!!!!!!


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