I had the hankerin’ to try a new festive cocktail.

We drink a lot of mulled wine over here, as it is readily available and sold at every street market. I really hate eggnog because it always leaves you feeling sick and about 5 lbs heaver. What I found was somewhere in between the two, spicy and creamy, decadent but not overly rich. Leah, our Christmas guest, dubbed it “apple pie in a mug.”

Ladies and gents, I bring you the Lamb’s Wool Wassail:

Find the recipe and more on this link: Holiday Drinks

We used Crowmoore hard cider. I also made a few modifications as I went:
More spice: twice the cloves, 4 small pieces of fresh ginger, and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon in addition to the stick
 combination of heavy cream and skim milk to lighten it up a touch
For the floating roasted apples, I took a normal sized apple, skinned it, cut it in half, and then let is it saute face down in butter and sprinkled in cinnamon sugar while the cider mulled. Roll it around occasionally to make sure it is coated in buttery, cinnamon-y goodness.

Otherwise, follow along the recipe and enjoy your warm apple pie in a cup!

Oh and Jimmy and I bought our “First Christmas” ornament! A little cabin with a Finnish flag, how cute is that?! There’s something to cheers about!


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