Today was Jimmy’s first day back to work.

Since we got married, went on a honeymoon and then moved, he hasn’t really worked in about 2 weeks. but today…vacation’s over.

Yesterday we took it upon ourselves to explore parts of Helsinki that we had yet to see in our wanderings. As we are currently in the market for an apartment, we are trying to get a feel for the different neighborhoods:
Kallio: Jimmy’s work neighborhood. Hip, hilly, feels like San Francisco. It is one of my favorites because it feels very authentic and has some pockets of cool activities. Like the random drink stand in a small park where people were spending their Sunday morning reading papers and smoking. Or the diner where young Finns were enjoying their morning breakfast beers over the smells of sausages and rowdy conversations.
Katajanokka: A small island suburb of Helsinki, with endless rows of unique Finnish art nouveau buildings on one end and mid century housing blocks on the other. It has great views of the harbors, incoming cruise liners, and is close to the city. However, it seemed uncomfortably quiet and is, mostly, residential.
Kruununhaka: City Center. Alive, upbeat, close to everything, less bang for your buck. But you step outside and into the city.
Jatkasaari: Ultra Modern pleasantville. Upside: really cool modern apartment complexes, great value, the most unique building you may ever live in. Downside: you may also be waking up to a jack hammer outside your window, because half the island is under construction. That and its a hell of a commute to Jimmy’s work.
Punavuori: The design district. I went on a jog this morning and -through chasing copper steeples- found this gem. It was alive with people, unique hip shops, and just down the street to the center. It is hilly, with the top crowned by a Lutheran Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, adjacent to the Design Museum. Amy loves it, but Jimmy hasn’t walked around yet…fingers crossed.

Back to yesterday. We started our of our hotel to find his place of work. Kind of how you would go find your classrooms before each semester started in college, right? We walked past it about 3 times before realizing we were standing just outside the door.

Dont mind us, standing outside the Department of the Treasury looking for the Department of Treasury. Found it.

We commenced a broad, 8 mile tour of the city and here is a bit of what we found:

A market full of nuts, berries, herring, sausages and crafts. 

That doggie sign cracks me up. They really design everything well here.

The gentleman at the bottom was playing the bottles. Each one was filled to a different level. Think Miss Congeniality with a street music twist.

And, of course, we tried the herring. Well, Jimmy tried it. I took a girl-scout nibble to say that I had. On first taste, not bad. It tasted like fried sole. I’m not saying I would start poppin those things like M&Ms, but over mashed potatoes and covered in gravy, yeah, I’d eat a dish. That’s also how I prefer my shoe leather.

At the end of our journey, we found ourselves a Nepalese restaurant, where we each scarfed a large plate, and then hobbled back to the hotel, where we fell asleep at 630pm. No big surprise, we were both awake by 4am. Upside: Jimmy wasn’t late for his first day of work.

Too bad we are still in the hotel, I wasn’t able to make lunch for the kid. But I did tell him to wear clean underwear and play nice with the other techies. Here’s to hopin he has a good first day!



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